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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by danny, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. So what was said? Anyone have time to go to a brief?
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  2. operation what?
  3. Think he means Project Faraday. Plans to try and sort out the manning problems currently being suffered by engineering general service branches. Briefings were held to detail initial plans today at all the major bases.

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  4. oh yeah. Oppos of mine went today.
    plans to get radio maintainers and CIS senior rated to merge or something

    no doubt, it will turn into an absolute mess
  5. I don't know everyone up here has called it operation but nobody I know went to a brief. Seen a few things on facebook but nothing positive so far. My impression from the few things I have heard is it is not going to help manning in any way shape or form.
  6. It'll help manning in 5-10 years time if we can get the branches that far. None of the ideas really address the problems today or provide any real reason to stay in now if someone were thinking of leaving. Project Faraday will be a good concept and basically sort out all of the things that have been screwed up in the last 8 or so years but they need to come up with ideas to keep people in now or we won't make it 5 more years.

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  7. Am I right in thinking there is no foundation degree anymore? As an LET thats kind of a deal breaker for me.
  8. Nope. They are currently designing the new courses which will be delivered from 2015 onwards. Weighted to deliver much more training at LET level with a management top off at POET. Your question was directly asked at my briefing and the answer was once the courses are designed they will see what accreditation they can get them. So it could go or it might not. Of course if you get selected before the new courses come in you'll be alright.

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  9. is there any hope of a proper IT/IS branch?
  10. How does I4C sound. As part of streaming the WE branch will take in all CIS completely and have an I4C stream.

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  11. as in, the completely unworkable mixi-blob, comms/IT way of doing it now

    or doing it properly and completely separating the two?
  12. Er.......I think the mixiblob. But a very formal official mixiblob run by one department if that's any better.

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  13. no change then. just a different title
  14. I must admit that as I'm not CIS or WE I did switch off slightly at that bit but I think the whole comms use and maintenance is coming within the WE branch and becoming a specialisation with IT.

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  15. the issue is (from where I sit) is that getting 1 section to be IT specialists AND provide command with effective comms operators is not working as it is with Dii. not on smaller units anyway. the work load is crazy
  16. There weren't any details as to how it will work on different ship types but as there probably won't be any new bods on them (no bunks available) I don't see much changing. Could be wrong though.

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  17. Hmmmm yeah 'we will see' is not going to be enough for many people, myself included probably.
  18. faraday farce.

    As a long in the tooth back aftie and an Artificer, the roll out of project faraday was in my opinion a long winded statement on how the ET structure has failed and they have rehashed / cobbled the artificers course again. Fast tracked to PO in 5 years depending on academic qualifications? Yep tiff, bringing back PQE? Yes, tiff. Will any of this fix the problem, certainly not today and not for a good few years until the new system comes into effect.
  19. Do you really think we'll make it another good few years without major problems everywhere? What began in the SM world for some very real reasons has expanded to the Surface world and the situation continues to deteriorate. When they said they were pulling all the levers they could to resolve the current situation I had to laugh. Time to take this higher up the chain because we can't be far away from units not sailing for lack of engineers.

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  20. Talking to the WO1 giving the brief today and your on the right track, probably with yet another branch badge as we can't re-invent the wheel now, can we!

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