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I'm a 31 year old who's always dreamed of joining the Navy but things just never worked out that way as other things got put in my way which made it not the right choice at the time and I've regretted it ever since. I'm now at a point where I've got the chance to spend some of my free time doing other things and, for the past year, I've really seriously thought about the RNR and have decided that It would be an ideal outlet for me to do something entirely different in an area that's always had such a huge interest for me.

I left halfway through college to accept a managerial position at a large firm and worked my way up to Director level, selling my stake eventually and setting up a couple of my own businesses which have done rather well and I now simultaneously run two companies, one of which has over 100 staff members and the other a smaller but international affair. As well as being Chairman and a Trustee for several local charities.

Given I've spent nearly my entire working life managing people and have built everything myself from scratch I'd like to consider that I wouldn't be an absolutely terrible Officer, but does the fact I've no formal academic qualifications apart from some GCSEs entirely stop me dead in my tracks? I've a full degree in Business Management but it's not one that issues tariff points.

Please don't get me wrong, I've nothing against joining as a Rating and saying that way, but it would seem my most transferable skill is in leading people and if there's a way I can use that then I would like to think that's a positive thing I've got to offer. If it needs to be bottled up then so be it.
I know that asking the unit is the best thing to do and I'm due down there towards the end of this week but I'm trying my best not to come across as an arse on first impression ( I can but try!)


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Take your education certificates to an AFCO and start from there. Then, at least, you will know where you stand.

I would say that the RN/RNR don't see management and leadership in the same way as civilian organisations. Some of the best RNR officers for whom I have worked have been high flyers in the civ world, but still started on the lower deck and waited for the right moment to commission.

Oh, and engage with the unit you'd like to join.


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As you said above, if you do not try how will you know, go for it, live life with no regrets. Good luck.


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I cannot see the RN offering officer without the educational qualifications.
However have you thought of the Sea Cadets?
Officers are much needed and you will be providing an excellent service preparing youngsters for a life in the RN

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Education is a funny one, I was seen off for not having A-levels (UCAS points) despite having a BSc the first time round, reapplied with MSc and it was 'more than enough'. Speak to the Unit. It is a great life

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