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Progress or go civvi ? (ETME)


Hi there just wanted some advice. 21 years old Currently serving as an ETME. Finished harbour/sea taskbook and passed OPS board, good write up etc so ready for promotion. Coming up to 3 years served and will be able to put my notice in January 2018. Most of my time has been spent around the UK at sea , some stops in Europe nothing exciting so can't really say I've enjoyed my time if I'm honest , expected to see a bit more of the world. If I was to leave is there much on the outside for someone leaving as an ET with just an NVQ lvl 2 in engineering operations? Been told there's a year wait to go 0nto LET course , then the course itself (18 months) followed by 2 years return of service. So basically best part of 5 years I'll have to commit to be on a better wage and gain a NVQ level 3. Is it worth all that time or can I get something in civi street which is same/more pay. Any advice will be appreciated , thanks.
To be honest I would look at possible jobs your quals can do in civy street, then look at pay. Not many civy firms will put you through for higher quals, those that do also ask for a return of service, some use time share you do most of the course in your own time, so they get the most benefit from you but still require a return of service, look at all your options and research them well, Ninja sees many returning or trying too, finding civy street odd/boring compared to service life. They're is no essay answers you need to find out and make your choice?
I did 24 years now been a civy 19 years, still finding civies odd?
I've had a look and seen some jobs in my area that match my quals and paying more , It's just difficult to make a choice. As these jobs may not be there when I leave if I do leave. I've heard that if you can show the navy you have a job offer while your notice is in that it's possible to leave earlier ? Not sure if that's true.
Depending on manning numbers you may get early release, although I know plenty of blokes who didn't get it after getting offered jobs back home where their wives and kids were.

Sticking your chit in is a leap of faith mate, and if it comes to a month before leaving and you're still without a job you may be able to pull your chit out depending on what the bosses say.
Stick at it and gain as many qualifications as you can.
Use your annual education allowance to obtain civie qualifications instead of playing on yer XBox or watching porn.
Worked for me and many others!
Pusser paid for my HNC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, also paid for my eldest sons HNC in Mechanical Design.

At the time I was a serving ME, he was an AET. Personally I'd stay and rape the mob for every qualification you can get.

Pusser made me do a few courses (workplace risk assessor, COSHH assessor, ISO 9000 series auditor, to name a few) which I dripped about at the time but were instrumental in getting me a job when I left. What I'm saying is, don't just focus on your trade, see what else you can do whilst waiting for LET course.
@Stoker_245 No it doesn't involve going officer, it's done through the enhanced learning credits. There is a criteria you have to meet in terms of time served I believe. But if you're willing to spend a few years living as a student and you've got the math aptitude and drive to do an engineering degree, I'd imagine with your experience and quals you'd be a very valuable individual.

Pretty sure they can still be used for HNC and HND as well.

But if you are staying in Wrecker is right. Any courses on offer, take them. Anything that pads out your CV is valuable. Civvies eat up all the military quals as well.

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