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"Profile"(Submariners Association of Canada)


War Hero
Do you know "Buster"(oooh my back) Brown.... :rendeer: :hockey:

Old Buster, quite the guy, my Old man is mentioned in that bio, one of the other guys to bring back the Alliance to the UK via the Suez, We flew home from Singapore to meet him at Portsmouth. :thumright:


War Hero
BillyNoMates said:

I remember that story of the OD, it was more like get the hell outta my hair, and the kid did just that...took off, he ended up working in Florida for those couple of months and then his Mom got a hold of him, red faces all around that was for sure... :thumright:

Terry was fairly pusser, but overall a good cox'n... :hockey: (only one that had those American shoes that never needed polishing...)
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