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This reminds me of two incidents I have encountered during the days of my wagon/coach driving.
In the summer when Drayton Manor is in full swing, Arriva used to run(still might)a direct bus from the Bull Ring centre to the gates of Drayton Manor.
Saying gates it actually drops at the road end of the drive.
A new driver arrives at the Park goes up the drive and the new security bod sees him and waves him through to the coach park where tickets are issued/checked for coaches.
Poor Richard not the brightest button on the blazer goes in. Well the bottom half did, the upper saloon kinda wedged under the park wrought iron name over the entrance. Probably the most exciting ride of the day for the front seat passengers.
Did he try to go under it? Over it? Through it? Around it?

Here's how to convert a big fuck-off truck into an accordian:-

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I really did see the old dodge pulled in Worcester.
As you enter the city on the Kidderminster road, you have two routes that take you to the big trading estate Black pole.
Both ways involve going under railway bridges, one low one even lower.
My oppo got mixed up and took the wrong one in a thirteen tonner, only realising at the last minute. He braked hard but went under and jammed.
It was just about a quarter of an inch too high and the bloke behind in a car got out and let the tyres down. It came out.

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