Hey all,

First post here. I have been interested in joining the RN for many years due to the last 5 generations of my fathers side of the family being in, and the fact I could learn a trade and travel the world.

So I finally took the step of starting the process last week, hoping to go in as an ETME, have been told that the waiting list has reduced a lot and the maximum wait to get into Raleigh would be 16 months.

I have sent away my forms to do the recruiting tests, so have been reading up on them. As well as this though I have to get fitter for when I start. Would you say that the eight week training plan within the booklet you get in the pack would be the best plan to follow in getting fit?



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Hello Ciaran,

Follow any plan in the booklet. They give you it for a reason and thats the 'minimum' they want. Test yourself and see where you're at.

Good luck!
Just 'interested' in joining!!! Following in family footsteps. Sure your joining for the right reasons.

Not being a damp squib here but 'interested' isn't a very powerful motivator for wishing to compete against folk who are really serious about a career in the RN.

Following a family trend because they say you'll learn a trade and see the world. Seeing the world isn't like it was in their day. Nautically the world has 'shrunk' somewhat. The Navy's options for foreign visits is diminishing, operations are subject to where the Yanks want us to play!!! As for learning a trade - yes, but once learned a lot leave thinking the RN isn't for them or the grass is greener in civvy street now they have a trade!!!

Hope it makes you think and good luck with your future!

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