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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by BFG_9000, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    There seems to be an issue with the 'preview post' feature.
    See image below for an example :-




    P.S. this \/ is what that should look like......
  2. Re: Problem with post preview....

    Erm..... I suppose I better get to work on a RumRation toolbar......
  3. Re: Problem with post preview....

    Can you just confirm whether or not the same thing happens in ARRSE?
  4. Re: Problem with post preview....

    No, it works perfectly on ARRSE.
  5. Re: Problem with post preview....

    After a little playing, it appears that anything within IMG or URL tags appears in the preview as the text was typed, but upon posting is parsed to the content... My sig block, for example, has an IMG tag. Whenever I preview a post, it shows only as the text.... and as you can see from this post, it appears correctly once submitted.


  6. Re: Problem with post preview....

    PS As an aside to the above (which I didn't notice til posted!), it only seems to affect signature blocks - NOT tags within the text of a post....


    Edited to add: The same for smilie codes - whether typed or selected from the smilie box, in a preview they appear as text, whilst the post action seems to rectify

    Ghostie gets back in his cage!
  7. Missing (Wrong) Link?

    FYI, it seems that the 'Forums' link under the Main Menu on the LHS is actually the 'Search' link, or am I just getting confused....


    PS Great site. About time us matelots had a place of our own!
  8. Re: Missing (Wrong) Link?

    Good spot - thanks. Now rectified.
  9. Re: Missing (Wrong) Link?

    Bloody 'ell, that was quick. Guess you really were 'behind me'. Big Brother is watching. Be afraid, Be very afraid...
  10. Re: Missing (Wrong) Link?

    Ah jist thot I wis computer-ilitirit annat!
  11. Re: Access Issues in IE / Icons / Links

    Minor point

    When you come to the site the link that says

    "login to check your private messages" does not point to a login page.
  12. The Signature Block doesn't seem to work, I placed a Signature banner etc. in there and cannot see anything when in the forums?! any thoughts?

  13. Two things spring to mind immediately...

    1. If linked via a url, perhaps it is incorrect in some way (or the site is down).
    2. have you placed it in the Signature Block, or in the Extra Information. If its in the Extra info bit, it is only seen when someone views your profile - not your posts...

    Have a check. If you still having problems, let me know.


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