Problems with my medical!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Gaz85, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Need some advice people, if you would be so kind!!
    if i have a dispute with the doctor over my pre-joining medical is it possible to ask for a second opinion? Just like people can with there local GPs etc.
    Would be very grateful for any advice. cheers!!!
  2. yes do it if you want to join the RN that much,how ever would be better if you said what the the problem was
  3. Basically its to do with my weight, im a naturally big guy but im not gonna kid myself i could do with losing some more. I use to weigh over 20stone now im round 16 again now after puttin on some weight when i broke my foot. Ive been excersin again recently but having trouble shifting the weight for some reason. Ive argued with my doctor that i can do my mile and a half within the time required, which, in my eyes, makes me fit enough to join up.
    That make sense? lol
  4. I think that if your BMI is too high they dont let you in as you need to have your weight and height in proportion.

    I think something like 25 is the cut off limit :s

    Am i right?
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    There's little point arguing the toss if you are outside of the permitted parameters of the height/weight chart I'm afraid (which accounts for the larger & indeed the smaller frame). Unless you think another Doctor can interpret a line on a graph differently to the next, an appeal against the regulations, rather than the diagnosis, can only be changed at Ministerial level unfortunately.

    The chart is published by the Institute of Naval Medicine, as directed by 'their Lordships' as required by the Admiral of the Fleet.

    How far do you want to take it?

    If you are carrying excessive weight you are putting your heart & joints under unecessary stress in the view of the medical profession at large.

    Good luck.
  6. BMI is a floored measurement tool, most premiership rugby forwards would fail on BMI index, if you are muscular you will simply fail the test as muscle is dense. A waist to hip ratio is far more an accurate grading of lardyness.
    GAZ85, what trade are you interested in,there are 2 thingst hat apply, the supply and demand market, AET`s from experience are in demand, but you require a good RT score and preferably good qualifications in Maths.
    When I joined different trades were given latitude on lardyness in respect of the activities of their preferred trade
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, I'd agree that many Field-Gunners, Divers, RN & RM PTI's are the usual "in service" individuals likely to be outside of the "flawed" parameters of the chart for entry into Naval Services.

    Often the most common injury of those carrying large amounts of extra muscle mass involves the knees, shins or ankles because that is where the extra stress is transferred when running. Those who are simply overweight transfer the majority of the stress to the heart primarily but are also susceptible to knee/ankle injury.

    The ONLY allowance made on weight parameters determined by the trade is for Royal Marines who must weigh over 60Kg, no other branch/trade specific allowance is made, nor ever has been the case, so far as I can determine. There are different height restictions for Aircraft Handler (166cm min, 193cm max), but all other trades are minimum height of 151.5 cm, male or female regardless of trade.

    Someone that was 20 stones, then 16, then increased their weight following a break is unlikely to be in quite the same category as Field-Gunners, Divers, RN & RM PTI's under normal circumstances, but then I'm not a qualified medic able to make that assertion.

    Good luck in your quest.
  8. Cheers for taking the time out and replying to me guys, most apprecaited. You can understand my frustration at this, when there are guys hell of a lot bigger then me who are currently in the RN and some even training in Torpoint at the moment, plus i know a PTI over in Raleigh that cant believe im not allowed in yet.

    But rules are rules, just wanted to gauge everyones opinion really as ive just found this site. My careers advisor recently told me that all doctors are different, he mentioned that my doctor was notoriously known for being very strict, where as a different doctor may have let me in. Guess i got landed with that shit doc to be honest. lol

    Also im going in coms.
  9. i think you are right online i know the prison service is 25 and 30 is considered obese
  10. Yep agree Ninja, but the Doc I saw (over 22years ago) also was carrying out a pre joining medical on a lardy lad I overheard him discussing the "out of the parameter with the recruiter, the gist was (no offence) that he was to join as a steward, thus he was give flexibility on joined on the same day as me (as a Tiff).
    Gaz it looks like you just have a "letter of the law " doc.
    Advise, loose some lard but speak to the recruiter about having a different doc who may be known to use some flexibility.
    Bare in mind unfit = a hard time at Raleigh
  11. I'm 22 stone civvy and a few years ago I was referred to as "ballast" when I stopped a display tent blowing away during Navy Days. Perhaps your vocation is to be Able Bodied Ships Ballast ;) :roll:

    PS: You can use the calculator below to calculate your BMI
  12. you are right copehagen, i have got the letter of the law doc.
    Not worries bout getting to raleigh, if u seen me u wouldnt say im obese, i can do my mile and a half in the time required and i player rugby once a week aswell as five a side so i dont consider myself to be unfit at all.
    i get your point tho.
  13. I dont understand BMI why does it matter that much when you join?
    If you can do the pjft then should it matter if you are abit over?

    I mean come on ive seen loads of photos of people in service that are like triple the size of a normal person and the obviously pass their rnft so why not just let them in if they are abit over :S
  14. you are right copehagen, i have got the letter of the law doc.
    Not worries bout getting to raleigh, if u seen me u wouldnt say im obese, i can do my mile and a half in the time required and i player rugby once a week aswell as five a side so i dont consider myself to be unfit at all.
    i get your point tho.
  15. I agree with u topaz the BMI is quite frankly a shit tool to use, makes rugby players/footballs obese according to the BMI
    ah wel!!
  16. .........But if theres any one out there, thats got any tips on exercising at home, tricks of the trade, how to lose weight fast. let us know please!!
    Ive been informed of many ways to lose weight very dramtically, but also could be dangerous. Should i go for one of them or do it realistically by eating sensible and plenty of excercise???
  17. Just eat a healthy diet.. normal food!
    And exercise your but off.

    Thats how ive done it, bluddy brown bread nd olive olive oil spread. I actualy hate the food i have to eat! Working my but off every single day either in the gym, running, swimming or playin a sport. It kinda works! xD

    How much do you need to lose for your BMI to be normal?
  18. if anyone has any words of wisdom on gettin fit etc. would be grateful if u coule let me know
  19. well topaz, i think its around 15kilos i believe.
  20. Thats not much?
    I lost 6kilos in a week.

    You can do it! xD
    Just keep at it and set your mind too it

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