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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dabomble, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. I had a compound fracture to my left leg
    broke tibia and fibula, moped accident
    was wondering
    cos it give me a small amount of trouble
    if i run three days in a row
    it ffrickin kills
    was wondering if thats going to be a problem
    im applying to be WS and my second is CIS
  2. I hate to burst the bubble, but if it gives you bother going for a run then I suspect basic training may not be possible. If you have residual metalwork, which I suspect you will have, then there may be problems with your medical in addition. However, this does not seem a medical issue - more one of it not being possible to put you through the rigours of basic training. Sorry.
  3. I
    no fcuking
    but typing
    is annoying as
  4. I think it may be a poem, but a bad one. I had thought it was either a Fable or an Octelle. But there is no moral at the end and the syllable count is wrong.

    Maybe it's a new style?

  5. Too right, it doesn't even rhyme.

    The moral is "don't type like a tit".

    Maybe he can't count.

    Yeah, that's the style.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Showing your ignorance of the English language and poetic prose again, Tim. Not all poems have to rhyme in order to evoke aesthetic qualities in their apparent meaning.
  7. It was a joke, bunghole.
  8. SPB was employing sarcasm eeejut
  10. Now, if you'd have said:

    That was a joke, that was a joke, that was a joke, Bunghole.

    Then that could loosely be classed in poetry temrms as a "Dactyl"

    I wish everyone would try harder.
  11. ok well i have no metal work, sorry i wrote like a dcik, and well its not so much trouble its just i feel it pulling more than the other leg, if its not a medical issue then ill carry on as i am thanks for the replies though
  12. Errr - when I said it wasn't a medical issue I was referring to the fact you get pain in the leg whilst running. Common sense states that if you can't run then you can't do basic training. That is not a medical issue - it is a common sense issue.
  13. For what is is worth and coming from a hundred miles a week back-ground,some time ago I must admit :lol:
    How long ago was the accident, have you had physio.You might be trying too hard, there are times when you have to run with your head not your heart.
    Have your geometry checked out, you could be experiencing a little shortening of the leg. A sports medical clinic could be a starting point, they can video your action and work out if you need to wear Orthotics.
    Try some cross training, cycling, swimming to build up the muscle, but most of all don't get dis-heartened, time is a great healer, it just needs a bit of help sometimes. :wink:
  14. cheers steve, it was two years ago now, it will be three in may. i think i can run the 2.4 km, its just the last time i got into training of this kind, was before i broke my leg, do you think maybe its just getting used to running, i have run since the three days in a row and its fine, still feels a little stretched but other than that fine, ill go see my doctor and ask him whether he thinks its ok for me to be doing this, i have been mountainboarding a lot which is a lot worse for ur legs shock wise than running, thats why im so confused
  15. The doc seems a good start, if it is feeling stretched it may be a geometry problem, mention this to him. Good luck
  16. 1. As far as I am aware, a geometry problem is something to do with Pythagoras.
    2. Noone has 2 legs the same length, and I very much doubt someone who has had lower limb fractures will either.
    3. He should also have been referred to physio at the time of the injury, and it sounds like a re-referral is in order if there are still problems (which it sounds like there is).
    4. I would not recommend entering basic training until the leg is completely pain free - I would defer entry from a medical point of view if this was necessary although I would like to think common sense would prevail.
  17. Answer to your 1. Geometry is a relationship,of size shapes and the relative positions.
    Answer to your 2.Makes little sense perhaps a rewrite after a nights sleep and a coffee.
    It is not uncommon for a limb to be shortened after surgery, my right leg is 25mm shorter after an ankle reconstruction. The effect of this especially in long distance running can be quite catastrophic especially if you take in to count also running facing traffic on cambered roads.I developed scoliosis of the spine due to the tilt my pelvis aquired with one leg shorter
    than the other resulting in lower back pain.3 and 4 I would agree with.
  18. Are you on drugs? Re-read point 2. "2. Noone has 2 legs the same length, and I very much doubt someone who has had lower limb fractures will either."
  19. the physio said that it will always feel strange because of the massive break, it was both my leg bones but very close to my ankle, you couldnt see my ankle for the first year and now its kinda come back, in the past three days i have run 8 miles and nothing is wrong with it today, maybe it was me just being nervous about it and my mind making me think that its hurting more than the other leg i dunno

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