Problems with arrse?l


sgtpepperband said:
BillyButcher said:
...Obviously a conspiracy; ARRSE has some world-shaking information, e.g. the US and Israel will attack Iran within 24 hours, and the Spooks don't want us to find out 'til it's too late... :glasses5:

Oh, we knew all about that here in Rum Ration months ago - thanks the mgsmiley - :highfive: but we prefer to talk about drinking and fucking instead... :thumright:

Well said that man! :highfive:
Please email [email protected] if this problem is still there and pressing CTRL & F5 together doesn't cure it.

I'm hoping it was related to the theme changes - and therefore apologise. The site was running throughout.
A quick read on the ARRSE Stuff forum should clear that up!

Friday - new theme launched.
Monday? - new theme taken offline because of speed and other problems
This morning - new theme online gaain