Problems Staying Logged in and the Navy-Net URL

I registered new URLs for Rum Ration; Navy Net and Marines Net, to try and improve our poor google search rankings. A side effect has been that people will not stay logged in if you come in to the site on one of those URLs instead of . I cannot fix this yet as I'm locked out of our servers.

If you have this problem, firstly I apologise. Secondly, the cure is to enter into the address bar, or just edit the address and replace 'navy-net' with 'rumration'. Sorry!


Lantern Swinger
Also been having trouble here myself. It keeps on logging me out all on its own!

Also when I press Reply or New Topic it keeps on sending me to my account page. I found if I clicked on "My Posts" then went into a thread or section I could then post, but any other way and it just logs me out or sends me to my account page.

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