Problems Staying Logged in and the Navy-Net URL

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Good_CO, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. I registered new URLs for Rum Ration; Navy Net and Marines Net, to try and improve our poor google search rankings. A side effect has been that people will not stay logged in if you come in to the site on one of those URLs instead of . I cannot fix this yet as I'm locked out of our servers.

    If you have this problem, firstly I apologise. Secondly, the cure is to enter into the address bar, or just edit the address and replace 'navy-net' with 'rumration'. Sorry!
  2. I thought it was mee being a computer phobe ham fisted thick git.
  3. Me too, am also having trouble posting on threads!
  4. Also been having trouble here myself. It keeps on logging me out all on its own!

    Also when I press Reply or New Topic it keeps on sending me to my account page. I found if I clicked on "My Posts" then went into a thread or section I could then post, but any other way and it just logs me out or sends me to my account page.
  5. Follow my advice in the first post and all will be solved. Sorry!
  6. It keeps changing back to navy-net all on it's own >.<
  7. I can't duplicate that. How do you make it happen?

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