Problem: Opticians report. was CP1 now i'm suddenly CP2!

I recently sat my eye tests for the RNR and passed the medical etc. I used my FMED form and opticians report for my ongoing application with the regular Navy as a pilot to save sitting the medical again before attending FAT's at Cranwell.

Before i could send my forms to the OCLC I had to confirm that i was Visual Acuity 1, Colour Perception 1 and Hearing 1 required for aircrew.

My CPO told me that I fulfilled the requirements and sent off my forms for me.

Now that AIB have the opticians report, i am being told that i am CP2 and need to appeal! I contacted the optician (who contradicts this) and she stated that i had no problems with the tests and identified all Ishiara coloured plates correctly (which is the only colour vision test undertaken at the opticians).

After reading one of Ninja's posts, I wondered if perhaps by sitting the RNR medical instead of going through the officer chain that i had missed a part of the eye test which was required??? But, my ACLO says that i sat the correct test and have not missed anything out, i just need to appeal and sit the Holmes Wright lantern test next week.

As far as i know i am not colour blind and don't mind sitting the test but my record now say's that i failed my eye tests and my FAT's have been posponed.

I'm quite frustrated with the whole thing. Can anyone clarify if all aircrew have to sit the Holmes lantern test as standard and i have missed it or has somebody made a mistanke and they won't own up to it? Perhaps this has happened to somebodyelse too?

I may be wrong but I believe that you can only be given CP2 if you do the Ishiara coloured plates. Anyone that need to be proved to be CP 1 has to do a further CP test.




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Sorry to hear of your plight- Neil is quite correct.

Opticians only use the Ishihara test- it only establishes if you meet CP2 standard which is acceptable for all trades bar aircrew. (Other trades with lower CP standards are further tested by their AFCO only if they fail to meet CP2)

The AFCO Medical Examiners (ME) also usually only undertake Colour Perception tests using the Ishihara Test, which as stated, can only grade you as high as CP2.

If you fail the Ishihara, the Holmes Wright Lantern is usually used to differentiate between grades CP2 & CP3, the trade test/colour expanse test to grade between CP4 & CP5 (CP5= unsuitable for service).

As potential aircrew used to have an Aircrew Medical at FATs which also established colour perception & not have the full medical until AIB. Now that Officers undergo medical examinations at AFCOs before FATs it has recently become apparent that not all AFCO's have access to a Holmes Wright Lantern (which can allegedly be used on LOW intensity to differentiate between CP2 & CP1.)

Doubtless this area will be addressed, but it does not disadvantage any applicant as the same circumstances apply to everyone in the selection process. It is possible that in your case, the optician mistakenly ticked the wrong CP box.

My advice- sit tight & the situation will be resolved quite soon.

Good luck.
So if i passed the colour plate tests, this only makes me CP2. Then surely all aircrew candidates have to sit the lantern test anyway to be found CP1?
Sorry for going in roundabouts.

So this means....i passed the Ishihara tests (like i was told) and the next step is to sit the lantern tests. Then why am i being told i failed CP1 and need to appeal by sitting these tests? Still rather confused

From the information you have told use. It appears you have done the initial opticians eyesight test and the Medical with a AFCO ME. Normally during these test they will only test using the Ishiara coloured plates. These plates can only test up to the level of CP2. If you need to be tested up to level one then you will need to Holmes Wright Lantern test to potentially be upgraded from CP2 to CP1. As Ninja said there has recently been a change in how the medicals are done for officer. I think form your post you have changed jobs during selection. What you need to do is contact your ACLO and tell them that you beleive you need to have a further eye-sight test to prove what CP you are.

Hopefully you understand this time. As far as I can tell you haven't failed you've not been properely tested.



Thanks for the help. I believe that what you have said is correct and exactly how i understood the situation to be. However, the letter I received for the appointment to sit the Holmes lantern tests states that I am sitting them becuase I failed my CP test.

This is what concerns me and I'm still unable to get a definitive answer as to why I suddenly appear to have failed them once the AIB recieved the letter. I will speak with the forces optician next week and clarify the order that the tests are done in.



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scimitar123 said:
I'm a little confused here, I sit fats on tuesday and I haven't had, or heard anything about a medical before hand...?!?
That is simply because Officer's medicals have only just been shifted to AFCOs. Those, such as yourself, who were already in the selection process will be processed the original way.
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