Problem family evicted from home

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by slim, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Whilst I agree they deserve the eviction, you gotta feel sorry for the people where they end up.......
  2. Isn't perhaps time for the council to actually build sink estates for those that continually flout the rules, as in the case of this family. Perhaps a couple of blocks of flats holding 50 problem families. Built to minimum standards so that they had no complaints. Then move the scum away from the normal hard working council tenants who presently have to accept them. :evil:
  3. Dont we have those already - thought they were called floating prisons, tow them to mid atlantic and sink the bloody things or use as target practice.
  4. If you decide to run for Prime Minister, you are guaranteed my vote.
  5. I would never get elected. I would want MPs paid on their performance and as per their annual appraisal by their constituency.

    Also I would want to increase the size of the Armed Forces, Police & Security Services, stop all aid abroad, deport anyone who is here illegally (no appeals) oh and the French - deport them too.

    Close the channel tunnel and a whole raft of other proposals to make this country better for all those who are making a valid contribution to the way it is run and funded (ie TAX PAYERS)

  6. Got my vote mate
  7. We could start a new poll, all in favour of "ukdatona" running for Prime Minister.
  8. If I were to run, we need a good party name to appeal to the tax paying public to join us in our efforts to make this once great nation GREAT once more.

    Although gotta say, I think the deporting of the French and Aussies will win a lot of votes :grin: :grin: :grin:

    So come on folks, if you were running for PM what would you include in your election manifesto ??

    We all know that Education, NHS, Policing, Security Services and the Armed Forces need serious spending to get them to the point they should be - ie equipped to do the job that is expected of them but people don't like paying taxes so for me, I would stop all government aid going abroad for the first term of my time in power and use it to get the Country off its knees.

    Id also round up all the tree hugging liberal PC loving anti this and anti that Human Rights for the quilty and stuff the innocent bunch (and in the words of the late great Kenny Everett) put them in a field and BOMB the b'stards.

    Sod all this crap of Free digital telly and stuff in prisons, lets get the road gangs and hard labour back so they actually do put something back into society. Its time to stop being soft on crime and the causes of crime and give them all a good swift kick in the gonads - Who's with me ??
  9. Got me vote again "Mate" , get the posters printed , we must be fxxxxxxxxg stupid , sorry been on the piss , could'nt make it up could you , as Richard Littlejohn would say , :evil:
  10. My on going 'election' manifesto :-

    Increase funding to the NHS, Education, Police, Security Services & Armed Forces.

    Give an immediate increase in the state pension to ensure ALL pensioners can survive and not worry about paying bills in winter. One time cancel ALL personal debt (except mortgages) - if banks are making £billions in profits they can take the hit. Ensure those who have served their country get the help and support (in whatever form) they need

    Would increase Personal Allowance to £10,000 BEFORE you pay tax

    Screw Europe - they wouldnt get another penny off us until they saw things our way :grin:

    Get all those who have been 'too ill' for work since leaving school into Health & Fitness schemes (run by Ex PTI / RSM) to get them fit and then get them out helping local Councils doing the waste collecting/grafitti cleaning and generally helping the community they have been scrounging off all those years.
  11. A good name for your political party would be:

    The Common Sense Party....

    You have my vote mate
  12. I'll be your campaign manager and Election Agent - and I won't take a fee :wink:
  13. Will you deport Abu Hamza and others like him to whatever country will torture them if you become PM.
  14. This is a democracy (or would be) so I would ask the nation what they want then under full Police escort to Lyneham for a 1 way trip in a Herky to a country of our choosing. Unfortunately, if they decided they wished to try parachute jumping without a chute then not much we can do about that is there :grin:

    Seriously though, they would be free to leave the country, all their assets IN this country will be seized so they will leave with exactly the same they came here with.
  15. If i had the reigns(which i never would ).i would send them all back and damn what would happen to them ||.They damn us ||dont they ???
  16. I would give anyone here illegally a 1 way ticket home, no cash incentive and NO they dont get to take the benefits paid to them with them.

    Work shy would loose all benefits

    Scrap car tax and put it on fuel duty

    First criminal conviction 5yrs in jail and it doubles for each conviction. Life means life, no parole

    Force the housing market to bring prices down, target those with multiple homes / holiday homes etc, help 1st time buyers to get on the property ladder if they want.

    Ensure our forces personnel have affordable good quality accomodation that they can stay in for a period of 6 months AFTER they leave the forces to find somewhere else to live.

    Free health care for all if they want it, including dental. Those who are on life long medication get free nhs prescriptions

    I could keep going but been a long day....

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