Probe into Ark Royal boat crash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Ark Royal

    "AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after a boat transferring people from the Portsmouth-based HMS Ark Royal ran aground in the Arctic.
    The Royal Navy's fleet flagship launched the probe today after a boat carrying three journalists at high speed hit an outcrop of rock in Arctic waters.

    The passengers 'could have been killed' after the boat – carrying a Mail on Sunday photographer, the editor of an aviation magazine and a Press Association reporter – skidded 50ft (15m) after narrowly missing large boulders.

    The men were being transported from HMS Ark Royal, anchored in Breivika Bay, Norway, when the boat hit the large area of rock half a mile from the shore at 3am today.

    One passenger suffered a minor arm injury.

    An Ark Royal spokesman said there was no indication that the boat was travelling too fast for the conditions".

    Quoted from pompey news
  2. Seems like somebody got it wrong - the journalists survived to file the storey!

    All sorts of things COULD have gone wrong but these things happen!

    Welcome to PC, Jouno led Britain.

  3. Was that bloody Fay Turney driving?????????

    What the feck are bloody journos doing on a jolly to the arctic anyway.
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    When we had lots of ships all with lots of boats this sort of thing happened all the time. Varyl Begg was once stranded on a reef in the West Indies by his own coxswain, VCB all dolled up in ice-cream suit, sword & medals for his official calls. Even without this have never seen anecdotal evidence of him having a sense of humour so suspect the coxswain may have had an interesting time.

    There may still be the remains of a whole ship parked up on a reef near the Paracels (HMS Ayr) except the locals have probably helped themselves to it long since. Pusser had to send HMS Alacrity to shoot down Ayr's ensign!

  5. How do you not skid on water ??? by definition you are skidding/aquaplaning unless you ground??? :dwarf:
  6. The water had frozen and they skided :p its the arctic after all lol
  7. Aaaaah! I see !!!! no mensh of ice in the Arcticle!!!!! :dwarf:
  8. I suspect the bowman and coxswain 'could have been killed' as well but obviously they weren't worth mentioning. Mind you, I 'could have been killed' crossing the road yesterday but no one bothered to report that either.
  9. Journos killed.... to paraphrase the Mikado reading from his list in Gilbert & Sullivan's observant operetta... would anyone notice they'd disappeared? :biggrin:

    As for the one that broke his arm... well tough! If I'd been Cox'n he'd had sustained rather more serious injuries... to his pride and joy! :twisted:

    Nothing like a jagged bit of really cold ice between the legs when skidding at high speed across the ice!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :thumright:
  10. Could be wrong, but I heard the cox'n was listening to his ipod at the time.
  11. Shame on you Steve! An educated person such as yourself!
    T'was not the Mikado that "had a little list" - it was KoKo, the Lord High Executioner.


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