Probably the most we'll ever see of the carrier(s) sailing

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by pg55555, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. I'll open a book now, that they will never be operational.
  2. .... in the Royal Navy
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    RASing with the RFA off the carrier's port side as in the tank demo doesn't give the carrier CO a very good view of proceedings. Did I hear someone say that the carriers' have / will have their RAS (L) connections on the port side only? D'oh!

    Or am I reading far too much into the demo?
  4. Remember the saying..............'Good kids, in a classroom'
  5. You can't exclude married personnel it's discriminatory.
  6. You were probably one of the people that said they would never get built. Now this, I imagine in a few years it will be they are getting scrapped in a year just you watch.
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  7. Hey, if you're wrong just change the statement a little and hope no-one notices. It's like politics.
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  8. I'm just glad that if they do get built I am well past service.
    I'm afraid I do not as either a Seaman or an MA, have fond nostalgic memories of carriers.
    They were a fuckin nightmare to serve in and these humongous bastards will be worse.
    Small ships are happy ships, you can keep status and prestige.
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  9. Last I looked they have (L) conns on stbd as well (2 bays). Contrary to the view of some in the MARS FT team, this isn't actually new.

    As for COs view, our friends over the pond do this on a regular basis without too many dramas - mainly you just increase separation. In this serial QEC is the control ship, it's the tanker that has to keep station.
  10. It's a pretty accurate model of the QE - there's no aircraft on deck :)
  11. They're socked in at Marham8O
  12. Ark R07 was a pretty happy ship overall though. I half suspect it had something to do with having lots of spaces where legs would start to put in for separation pay.
  13. This small enough?..:grin: HMSIndefensible.jpg
  14. Would that have been on the latest Ark ? ....
  15. Perfec, although scran and libation may be a tad scarce

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