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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Richer_By_Time, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey all, i decided to register with this side of the military net because i need some information.
    Now i shall start with a little about myself, i'm From Portsmouth and currently Married with 2 Kids.
    Sadly i chose a direction of joining the Army and now after 2 and a half years of being in this service i want something different, Preferably Medical side - in preperation for Paramedic training in Civvi Street.

    Now from what ive been advised from the Combat Medics out here on tour atm, The Navy/RAF offers the best training and Service - Including Pay compared with the Army.

    Now Being born in Portsmouth and loving the Sea (as such) i'm more convinced than going with the RAF option, However; during transfer training do i keep my House thats with the army untill fully trained?
    I need to be able to keep my Wife and Children close to base if possible.

    I was wondering after that long speech above, whether some of you could give me a non blagging idea on what each medical Side (submariner/Ship etc) offers me training and salary wise - also including the job day to day activity and 'your tours away' are like.

    I hope to recieve any response to this post. thanks
  2. Can't answer most of that but on the submarine side you'll do the standard tri-service training at Keogh barracks then on to HMS Sultan for health physics training (radiation monitoring etc etc) but you will go to either Plymouth or Faslane so if you want to stay Pompey area I'd suggest boats are not for you. Ninja and SM will be along to advise on the rest.
  3. Hey thanks for the quick reply, I have no problem going anywhere else around the UK however, i would like my wife to come with me (like when you go to a new regiment, they move with you).
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You do understand that she won't be allowed to come to sea with you, don't you? :lol: :wink: :lol:
  5. Lol yeh i understand she wont be able to... What i mean is do you all have Houses on land if married? and how often would you be home to spend time with your family? Cos i know that in my current job i am home usually everyday except for exercise and ops.

    Thanks for the links though - come in handy
  6. Quote

    What i mean is do you all have Houses on land if married? Unquote.

    Just one question, are you in the Intelligence Corps?
  7. Pure Gold Hig Pure Fecking GOLD.

    you owe me a key board :roll: :roll: :roll:
  8. Lol, ignoring the Sarcasm quote there, i did put it in the worst way did'nt i.
    Right, Anyone a Naval Nurse here? Main reason i want to know is because they say its a 3 year course at Birmingham Uni, will my wife be moved into a House locally? or is it like at basic training where no house gets provided?
  9. It's all on the RNCom and RNCareers website, shipmate. As for married quarters, any course over a year you HAVE to be offered a house, so you can take your wife/husband/civil partner/pet goat with you. Best to ask a careers officer for the exact detail, that's their job after all. Look here:
  10. Ok, Many thanks for that :) i was'nt too sure on the details, but you set them straight!
    i think thats all the questions i have for now.
  11. Stay out of submarines its a no hoper as a medic as far as promotions and experience go, the only good thing is the pay,
    Surface ships are going to give the most experience as far as i can see
    the bigger ships ,ie carriers have a full medical team on them surgeons etc etc, and there is probably a bigger Queue in the Fornoon of ill people with tropical and non tropical diseases :roll: :roll:
    I Dont know if it still happens but the RN used to provide Medics for the Royal marines i think you would have to do the basic Rn-Rm combat course
  12. Ok, taken that advice onboard, can anyone give me an example of the average wage on board a ship? compared with a sub....

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