Probably my last topic post before Raleigh!

It hasn't really sunk in yet. I think I'll feel better once I'm there. Not quite sure how to react to it, getting a bit fed up and bewildered by my family's good luck cards and hugs and everything.

Not quite excited, not quite nervous. Not quite yet!

Leaving Sunday morning. I bet I'll have the squits by then! :D
good luck snapper I remember that wish it was time to go feeling,I then went and missed my train,got there in time,and its been a good 25 years.dont get pissed on the train.
Goodluck Snaps, get stuck in with it and Basic will be over with before you know it.

Just remember - BASIC is not the Royal Navy.
yeh treat it and all courses in the future like a learning game if you play within the rules a good laugh can be had.The end of training seems ages away but in reality it will be over and you will be marching round Raleigh parade ground closely followed by Sultan sooner than you think.Then the next stop is your first run ashore abroad.
Mine was Cardiff closeley followed by the west indies.
Thanks everyone! I'm going to Raleigh to learn, I'm not expecting a larf a minute but will do my best to take it with good humour.
Going to give it my all, seems like you get more out of it that way.


War Hero
Good luck missus!

You will have a great laugh & make some brilliant new friends along the way, very quickly.

Everyone has their reservations just before they join (that's natural), & their ups & downs during training, so don't think you're the only one that feels it, you're not.

You may feel a little homesick at first, it soon passes, you'll be kept busy & in very good company.

Your family will be proud as punch when you pass out, so stick with it- it will change your life beyond recognition AND for the better, once you pass through Raleigh.
Thanks N_S, you've given some good advice :)

I will see if I can get on here while I'm down there (they have the internet? 8O ). It will be much to the annoyance of some members, mind :roll:
Good luck Snapdragon

You've asked some good questions on here that have helped me in my joining process - cheers mate

Still waiting for my date!

Bloody strange - my other half has just called to say i've got a letter from the Navy - told her to open it!!

Date - 7th Oct.............argh - it's all just become real!!

Sorry Snaps - Have a good one mate.

Nicky xxx
Woah, that's pretty weird, mate! Congrats on the date!

Glad you at least got something out of my questions!

Best of luck for the future, maybe see you one day!


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snapdragon said:
I will see if I can get on here while I'm down there (they have the internet? 8O )
There's an internet Cafe in Raleigh, but to be honest, you won't have much chance to use it initially. Do keep us posted when you get a chance - ignore the grumpy ones, clearly you've been of assistance to others in the same or similar circumstances.

It's all too easy for the "old & bold" to sneer, saying how hard it was when they joined compared to now. Truth is, it's changed & I firmly beleive for the better. If it wasn't then people wouldn't join.

I wish you the very best of luck at Raleigh. As others have said do let us know how you are getting on when you can. Enjoy yourself, its only 8 weeks and some of the mates you make there will be mates for life.

Good luck in Raliegh i'll be going around July hopefully, going in as a WE submariner, if all goes well that is.

I've been through basic training before with the Army and it's all about doing what you're told and having initiative, fitness helps, but just as before posted think before you speak and try hard :) gl.

Peace out.
Best of luck "snaps" , you'll be fine , 29 March 1971 I joined and remember it still , all wooden huts , so in that reguards its changed for the better , been outside 12 years next wednesday , dont know where the time has gone , anyway enjoy it :wink: :lol:

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