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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RoxyLite, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. Basically I am wanting to apply to be a Student Naval Nurse, & as the waiting time can be loooong & the course another 3 years I was wondering if anyone could help so I dont waste any time! My fitness isn't too bad, but it's not good enough for entry either and I am working on it but there is a little way to go- but can I apply and get the ball rolling with my lowish level of fitness, or do they assess you at the very first stages in which case I'll have to wait?

    Sorry if the answer is obvious, I have looked!

  2. How bad is your fitness exactly? Can you run at a steady pace for say, ten minutes without a rest?
  3. I feel confident in my running ability can probably run comfortably for about 15-20 mins but only at a steady pace. It's mostly my body strength as in push-ups, and also any speedy runs! Which could be the problem!
  4. Roxy

    Please look at your Private Messages.
  5. Personally I'd say apply now and train now. As far as I'm aware it's only a treadmill run that you'll come across early on and won't be required to do sit ups etc until you're in. However I joined up over a decade ago and things change so I may be wrong, Soleil, Ninja Stoker or SuperMario may well provide definitive advice.
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  9. Roxy

    Initially, you will attend the presentation at your local AFCO and then sit the psychometric tests. These two things could well happen within the space of a month (depending on your region). The next stage is your interview - candidates are asked about their fitness then. The eye test and the actual fitness test come next - the fitness test is a mile and a half run - no push-ups at this point, but your fitness will be tested more rigorously in Basic Training at Raleigh. If you wish, you can have a bit of a gap between your interview and fitness test to get in better shape (just a little gap though).

    The good advice is to speak to or visit your local AFCO this week and get the ball rolling.

    The regular Careers Advisors on the forum are tied up at the moment but I have confirmed the above with a RN CA this morning.
  10. Link here for the pre joining fitness documents.
  11. Having just done all the test's and pre joining paperwork i'd say get you application in now!!

    the only thing they test you on fitness wise is running on a treadmill. which is basically run 1.5 mile's in 12.20 seconds(for Men 16-24 i think) for women i think its about 14 mins and it goes up for the older you are so aim to do it in 12 and your sorted :).

    they will also give you an 8 week training book which if you stick to it will get you fit and strong enough for basic.

    and be prepared to fill out a lot of paperwork :-(

    all the best:)
  12. I agree with that as well.....
  13. Thanks so much everyone! I feel so much more confident in applying & I might get in touch with them asap and just keep up the training!

    Thanks again everyone, didn't expect so many replies, lovely!

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  16. Sh1tty death!! The fitness test has changed sice my day - that is a SERIOUSLY rapid run! A mile in way under 10 sconds. Membership of the Olymic squad as a bonus, huh!! :lol:
  17. PS Nice phantom apostrophe too!

  18. Thingy chasing ye again?
  19. Hey everyone, thought I'd tag another question on here instead of make a new thread! So, I go the gym 3/4 times a week & swimming once or twice, so my general fitness levels are up buuuut I am still not mastering running fast for a prolonged time :( I dont get breathless or anything, my leg get heavy and make it too uncomfortable to run, I push through as much as possible but its not so much painful just a bit wierd! Are there any excercises anyone knows to kinda build stamina I guess in the legs?

    Hope that made a tad of sense!

  20. Lets start with your memory, is it three or four times a week? The other thing that I would ask is are you motivated or just a fat knacker that can`t run?

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