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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by CartY, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. I'm sorry but im guessing this question pops up alot and people get sick of giving the same answer, but I have to ask so I know which steps I need to take.

    Basically i've had asthma through smoking (which is extremely stupid, I know) and bieng incredibly poor at keeping up my personal fitness level. However, i'm still interested in joining the navy and not had ANY symptoms related to asthma since quitting, including rigorous exercise routines ect...

    I know it won't be this year or the next when I am capable of joining, but is there anything I myself can do to help reduce the five year wait of bieng asthma free? for example some fitness tests or such, I finally found what I want to do with myself and now it's looking like I have slim chances through my own stupid fault :'(
  2. Asthma is not caused by smoking or by poor physical fitness. If you need a diagnosis then it may help to see your GP.

    If you are keen to join then I suggest you address your fitness issues. You cannot reduce the 5 year time if you are asthmatic but I suspect you are not.
  3. Thanks for the advice! So if I go to see my doctor and he confirms I am not asthmatic, then I should be free to join?
  4. You mean apply. There are many and varied requirements other than to be free of asthma.
  5. Yeah don't want to get ahead of myself :p but this is the one major concern of mine, the way I saw it was if I can get myself rid of this, everything else can be worked on by myself freely, this is the one thing i can't really help or control >.< on the plus side, 10 mile bike ride today total, no breathing issues, surely a positive sign? :S
  6. There must have been something that either made you or your doctor think you were asthmatic. That something needs to be addressed. If the word asthma is in your medical records then the 5 year rule will apply, assuming you are now completely symptom free with normal lung function tests.

    Please tell me you haven't self-diagnosed via Google.
  7. Is that not a recommended?

    So I won't need the leeches then?

  8. Well i was diagnosed with acute bronchitis after blood tests which gave me a bad chest, which led to bieng prescriped steroid based inhaler, which i never ended up using....

    I've never had an actual asthma attack, and I think its been a case of me bieng a little bit of a hypochondriac at times, if I have to wait five years then i have to wait five years and keep myself physically fit, but if there is anything I can do to help myself then it would be useful to know :)

    I guess it's going to be more useful if I see the doctor first thing tomorrow and give information from him first....
  9. What ever happens you will need to get the information from your Dr to give to the service medical Doctor during your selection process. The wording on the Medical conditions of entry form state the following:-

    Asthma, Wheezing or Asthma symptoms or treatment within the last 4 years may preclude entry, all final decisions regarding medical suitability for entry are only to be made by the appropriate appointed medical staff.

    Therefore, you should get the information and then make an application at a careers office so that you can be properly assessed by the right people.

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    Maggots are OK though
  11. Prefer weevils myself, much more nautical.
  12. BEING once is a typo twice is just wrong.
  13. :( It's one of my weaker words leave it be! :p Thanks for all the info though really appreciate it, I just see it as an obstacle I need to and WILL overcome! even if that means curing the damn thing itself ^^

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