Probably a daft question

Hi all,
I applied to the RN in 2008, with the aim to join as an AET. Had all my interviews and test etc. Passed everything with flying colours and was offered the chance to join as AET which I of course lept at. However I then failed my eye test so had laser surgery to correct it. This unfortunately meant I had to wait a year before reapplying again etc.
Luckily my recruitment officer is one awesome guy and kept in touch throughout and asked me how I was doing constantly. Once the first year was over, I went back and took in some tests for my eyes and did my medical which I unfortunately failed because of being overweight. Its taken me a year (some people find it more difficult and i'm one of them :( ) but i finally lost the weight and weighed in 5kg less than the target they'd set so yay! passed my medical this time round.
The only thing that concerns me now is the huge waiting time for AET training compared to when I first applied.

My question (after that ramble :? ) is will I have to wait 24 months before a training slot is available to me, or will the 2 years my application has already been open be taken into account? The officer i'm dealing with at my local office is away on holiday atm and the others left in charge atm don't seem to be able to answer me :(

My backs killing me, went for a bimble at the weekend took a tumble and rolled off agirt hill, ouch!
To make matters worse I found it hard to get out iof bed and so swamped my pit, divorce proceedings are imminent.
Anyhoo now I've got that off my chest, I've been thinking about buying a Ferrari for 6 months, do you think my local dealer will backdate my application? :roll:


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Whilst it's perhaps understandable from the applicants perspective, the Navy doesn't advocate laser surgery as a means to gaining entry into the service, however those choosing to undergo private surgery have to let 12 months elapse to ensure the procedure is successful. Obviously it's the choice of the individual to take this route.

In recent weeks we've witnessed 3 recruits discharged for not physically preparing for entry and failing the 1.5 mile run (several times) at Raleigh.

When lifestyle choices are the prerogative of the individual it would naturally seem unfair to a school-leaver applying today, who is fully fit & ready for entry, if a person who was fully aware but elected to ignore the pre-joining fitness advice, jumps the queue.

The other thing worth considering is that the Recruiting Test is valid 3 years - if it expires before the projected entry date, then it needs to be re-taken. It doesn't happen often but occasionally re-takes fail the test because they wrongly assume that if they passed once, they'll naturally pass again without revision.

With regards waiting times, the "clock" effectively stops when placed temporarily medically unfit & starts again when you move forward in the selection process (passing the medical). The waiting time that applies is usually somewhere around halfway between what it was when you first passed the test & what it is when the 'clock' restarts.

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