Pro Patria: HMS Hawke sunk 15th October 1914

Discussion in 'History' started by Gas_Gas_Gas, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. I was doing a periodic rummage through a bedroom cupboard and I happened across a Midshipman's dirk I had squirrelled away a couple of years ago. It prompted me to refresh my memory as to its history. It had been left to my paternal grandfather by an aunt, as an “heirloom”, in memory of her son. He was lost, with 523 other officers and ratings, when HMS Hawke was torpedoed and sunk by U9 on the 15th October 1914. (On the 22nd September U9 had also sunk three obsolete cruisers with loss of around 1,400 men.)

    There was a further tragedy, his sister, on her way to India to get married, was killed when the SS Persia was torpedoed and sunk by U38 off Crete on 30th December 1915. To lose both children to U-Boats in just over a year must have been quite an unimaginable heartache for the parents.

    As it is nearly the 100th anniversary of the loss of the Hawke, I thought I would offer up this small remembrance.

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