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Pro & Bear

A prostitute is walking through the park and sees a kohala bear sitting on a bench, she sits beside the bear and before long, they are doing all kinds of things right there on the bench!

When they finish, the bear begins to walk away and the prostitute says, "Hey, where are you going?"

The bear just looks at her.

She walks over to the bear and says "I'm serious buddy, for all we just did there, you owe me $50."

The bear just looks at her.

She says "Look pal, I'm a prostitute and you owe me $50."

The bear gets a dumb look on his face. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a dictionary, opens it to prostitutes and reads to the bear "... Prostitute, one who charges for sex, and I'm charging you $50."

The bear grabs the dictionary and opens it to kohala bear and reads "Kohala Bear... one who eats bushes and leaves."

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