These are mainly things I've heard, and that I'm seeking confirmation for...

- What do we wear during the week? Do we get issued kit? If we do get issued kit, does this stay with us through PRNC & Raleigh? If we do not get issued kit, then through this week would we just wear the dress shirt, trousers, tie & shoes that we took?

- Swimming test- Do I have to do a specific stroke or is any stroke okay?

Thanks guys!
Your couple of days at PRNC you get two t-shirts, rugby styled top, trousers, boots and a jacket when it get properly cold. The only kit you will have to keep is the boots which you will get if you pass. Just remember if your a half size with you shoes bring extra socks as the RN does not do half sizes.

For your swimming test it is any stroke but when I attended majority were doing breast stroke as when you have your boiler suit on it will be heavy, but ultimately it's your choice.

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