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  1. So I've got my PRNC 9th feb', couple questions...!

    Swimming wear for males, so this can be swimming shorts yes? Please don't be speedos :eek:

    I'm also still unsure as to the duration of this course, so any info? :D

    Sportswear, does this have to be plain or does it not really matter?

    And any extra tips would be appreciated!

    Cheers! ;)
  2. Swimming shorts will be fine (don't be that one person that wears speedos.. you will get ripped for it, even by the clubswingers)

    I believe the activities in the course have changed slightly since I did it in August so I can't comment on the duration now in case it has changed, but it was Monday - Thursday when I did it.

    Sportswear - Doesn't really matter, as long as it's comfortable and appropriate.

    Tips.. hmm.. Don't fall asleep during briefs!
  3. I was feeling oh so positive until you said not to do that! ;)
  4. It's very hard not to! Especially when you're knackered and sat in a hot classroom for what feels like an eternity.

    Also, ask lots of questions! But not stupid ones like "do submarines have windows?" At least it woke us all up from sheer laughter.
  5. ......


    Do they? :D
  6. Yes, bridge windows, tunnel window and the washing machine has a glass door which is a form of window and the watertight doors have little windows (so you can watch your oppo drowning!) :) ;)
  7. So how was it a stupid question. I didn't know that.
  8. My life is complete with this knowledge :D
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    What ever are things coming to? Washing machines on Boats! :rolleyes:

    You'll be telling me they wash at sea next!
  10. I never said we used it ;)
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