Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sjgibbons, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. Heading up to MOD Caledonia for my PRNC on 10th December, just seeing if anybody else on here's scheduled to go up or what to expect that the letter doesn't say?


  2. I've got my PRNC that date aswell but I'm going to Collingwood
  3. I went to the PRNC (Caledonia) on the 22nd of last month. The only things that aren't mentioned as far as I can remember are that you'll have seat reservations next to other people who are going from your AFCO, giving you a chance to meet beforehand. On the fourth day the 'Basic Skills Assessment' is a two part test done on a computer similar to the psychometric test but only on numeracy and literacy. Other than that the staff were very friendly providing you had a good stab at everything and pulled your weight.
  4. Expect shit scran. Seriously. It's terrible.

    Other than that it's actually quite good fun.
  5. I'm going on the 10th too. Really looking forward to it! Won't see you on the train though as I only live three miles from Caley.

    When's your date for Raleigh? Mine is 3rd March.
  6. yeah mate I'm at Caledonia on the 10th for my prnc as well
  7. Fair enough Jim. Going to Raleigh on 13th of March. Whereabouts you travelling from gav?
  8. Traveling from Newcastle
  9. Some awesome persec on here.
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  10. I've got PRNC 10th too :) can't wait!! Hopefully someone else from Manchester going
  11. 13th March - are you sure it's not the 3rd?
  12. In all seriousness - it's alright to talk about this isn't it? If not let us know!
  13. I think they're referring to using names and disclosing travel arrangements on the internet etc.
  14. Yeah, I got that. Just wasn't sure how important that was at this stage. Better safe that sorry though I suppose!

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