If I pass my fitness test on Sunday I was wondering how long is it normally after for your PRNC . Also does anyone know the news on the PRNC at the moment with COVId is it still taking place or has it been removed ?
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“You have your fitness test”
Then you ask if you passed it!!!!

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I mean that on Sunday I have my fitness test , if I pass it which I should then does anyone know when abouts PRNC would be or is it different now due to COVId e.g is PRNC not taking place for now


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I've deleted the other thread you started @TrueRed as you were asking the same question twice in the same place. Keeping it to one thread will save confusion and be easier for you.


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I was wondering as well if PRNC is happening still, my start date is 28th september and got the email today to say that I have to book my fittness test, didnt know if the PRNC will be happening again now


Ive been told the prnc has been cancelled untill January and from what I understand if you're start date is before that you don't have to do it, but if your start date us after January it will take place just before phase 1 rather than with the interviews and fitness test as it uses to be.