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My son has been given a date for Raleigh but not PRNC Is this sent out by email or in writing?
Could be either, check junk mail.

PRNC must be completed within six months of entry. If he's within six months of joining, give the AFCO a call to enquire - with all the fun & excitement of our brand new, wonderful, sparkly software, aka the Defence Recruiting System (which no-one is permitted to criticise), there's every chance it may have been "overlooked" when requested.

If it was, we'll have your Careers Adviser flogged accordingly. ;)


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@Ninja_Stoker he’s tried to get on Defense recruiting system ( only through an email link sent ) but it’s not letting him on
has anyone else had difficulties trying to access ??
Yes. If unable to log in on the portal, contact the 03456 07 55 55 number and they'll probably email an application form.

Or, call your local AFCO to ask if it is possible to be manually processed.
It’s sound mate I got my Raleigh dates 3weeks before I got my PRNC date over the phone from the careers SGT, PRNC 7th May and Raleigh 17th June for me

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