I have recently passed my PJFT and am now waiting for my dates for the PRNC. I have read numerous threads about the PRNC and watched various videos on it but every one has a different specification on what the swimming test includes......

I have seen that the swim test is just the 50m swim, jump off the 3m board and get out unaided.


I have also seen that it includes all of the above but also doing it again in a boiler suit including over 2 mins treading water?

Could someone please specify this for me as it would be much appreciated !!!!
Yeah I will be thank you for the link just wanted to see what it actually included been told and seen so many different things.....
At PRNC you will be assessed on the 50meter in swimwear to pass the course, you then have a go at completing the RNST in ovies to see what it is like I would recommend you do pass this though because if you don’t it shines the spotlight on you when you get to raleigh and have to do it for real on the Friday
Can anyone indicate if the gym elements of PRNC are pass or fail?

Almost all information I've seen online and on here in recent years indicates there is a pass mark on press-ups (23) and sit-ups (39) at PRNC and failure to meet this knocks you back, etc.

I recently got a PRNC PDF (footered with "Version 2017 02" which suggests it is quite recent) where it states in paragraphs 19 & 20 that the run and swim tests are pass/fail but in para 21 (which includes the intro to IMF, press-ups etc and boiler suit swim test) this is described as "not pass or fail".

The PDF seems to contradict all the other information available - are the press-up/sit-up counts pass/fail or not?
They never counted in when i went through last May think it’s a guide line as to what you’ll be expected to achieve in training. I also get the feeling that North and South are run slightly different
I attended the PRNC before Christmas, the only pass/fail activities are the run and swim test. The boiler suit swim / IMF are not pass/fail however they wan't to see if you are capable of doing these activities as well (make sure you have been training). Those who were unable to complete the boiler suit swim or the IMF basically got told to get their act together for Raleigh.
You said they never counted in - were they not conducted to the bleep recording (which has a count after each bleep)?

I've been using the marines recordings (sample here: ) assuming RN would use the same...
With us the push ups were conducted by the pt's count and varied in duration of holding in up or down position. (don't fidget it makes them longer)This is the same with sit ups, if your training with the count and can go above the target numbers there would be no need to worry.
@Ginfizz I have just received an email saying that my entry date would be in June and I need to wait till my careers officer is back from leave to get both dates. So it should be all together.
I am awaiting to hear from my adviser but I spoke to them this morning as I am also waiting for both dates but he said my intake for Raleigh should be June and he wasn't sure on the PRNC so I have to wait till next week and I'm not sure how it's deievered. @Ginfizz
I've just recently completed all my Pre-joining tests and have a date for Raleigh early march, you'll most likely receive a letter in the post giving dates and transportation tickets for the PRNC. My PRNC is end of this month at Mod Caledonia - it will be before the Raleigh date. @Ginfizz
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