Hi everyone,

Got my PRNC coming up shortly - little bit nervous as expected.

I'm doing PRNC(N) up in Scotland - my question is, is there a diving board on the pool up there?

Is diving off a board an issue for you? If there isn't one at the PRNC in Scotland you will have to do it at Raleigh. There's no avoiding it.
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The answer of the question is there ain't a board the pool at Caledonia is out of use well was a month ago when I went up so had to use the pool at faslane and there wasn't any
Can anyone help we with a rough estimate for dates for the PRNC. I want to book a holiday but don’t want to book it and find out the only PRNC I can do is when I booked the holiday. My careers advisor said my entry date is probably September. Thanks.

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