Discussion in 'Joining the Royal Navy' started by jadebaynesxx, Sep 16, 2016.

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  1. I've got my PRNC on Monday and was just wondering if there was anymore advice anyone could give?

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  2. Ninja_Stoker

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    The PRNC letter pretty much covers it. Two pass/fail assessments swim/1.5 mile run, BMI must be less than 28.

    The video is pretty accurate:

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  3. Make sure you get on the right train and get off at the right station....
  4. How did your PRNC go?
  5. Are the press ups and sit ups pass/fail ?
  6. yes pass or fail. min press ups 23 and sit ups 40
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  7. So guys, I've just got back from my prnc today! It was so great! I was so nervous going there, but trust me, there's no need to be.
    The course has also changed. So on the Tuesday morning you do your 1.5 mile run round the parade square (6 laps). Wednesday morning, swim test. All you have to do to pass the swim test is swim 50m in 4 minutes in YOUR swim wear. If you pass that you will try the naval swim test. You will wear a pair of overalls, jump in the water, tred water for 2 minutes, and again, swim 50m in 4 minutes, no need to worry if you fail this, but show the instructors that you're giving 100%! After these two are passed, you have pretty much passed the course aslong as you keep your self on the straight and narrow. The sub/ship visit at faslane is unreal, so enjoy it! Thursday morning you go for breakfast then get into pt kit and conduct a squad run, which for us was 3 laps of the camp, around 2 'miles, after that you have your final debrief and receive certificates! Enjoy it guys, it's great fun.

    Hope this helps!
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  8. Beards?
  9. Yeah beards are fine. I shaved mine off when
    I went down but plenty of lads had a beard and didn't get picked up
    On it. Just make sure it's a nice looking beard haha.
  10. It's a lovely looking beard, haha :D:D
    Cheers for the reply mate.
  11. No worries mate. When you down?
  12. Not till 27th Feb, then Raleigh 23rd April... Hopefully :D what about you, whens your date for basic training?
  13. Ah a while yet then! I start on Jan 22nd!
  14. Yeah I know, it's ****.:(
    Well good luck mate, hope it all goes well for ya, what you going in as anyway?
  15. Cheers buddy, and Marine engineer submariner!
  16. Nice!!
  17. What about you mate?
  18. Engineering technician (ME) Above sea level haha. What's the training after Raleigh like for subs then?
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  19. Submarine school is at RALEIGH mate!
  20. Oh right nice, so do you do your phase 2 ME training at sultan then go back to Raleigh for specialist subs?

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