My prnc is getting pretty close and im worrying abit. Im a fit boy and can do the 2.5k run in 10 minutes but im wondering how fit you need to be for the prnc? Do you need to be super fit or is it mostly about giving it your all?


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You need to pass the 2.4km road run , ideally in less than the PJFT times and also comfortably pass the 50 metre breaststroke swim in under 4 minutes. In addition, you are advised to religiously follow the Pre joining fitness programme and be prepared for gym sessions & quite stiff warm-ups prior to completing the assessed elements. Make sure you are training 6 days a week and include regular swims, press-ups & sit-ups as well as conducting at least weekly, an outdoor "mock PJFT".
Agreed - the 'warm ups' before the 1.5 miler and the squad run were pretty honking.

I'd advise you to get generally fit too, so work on bodyweight exercises in high intensity circuts and be sure you can bang out a few reps as the gym session on the final day is nasty!

Good luck :)
Same what these lads said, keep your fitness levels pretty good as our lot got beasted in the gym for being 2 mins late. Remember the rule of being 5 mins early and your fine! We had a few that were dead slow so you all get punished as a group, but you will be reet! Good luck!!!

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