Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 306dturbo, Aug 2, 2015.

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  1. Hi all

    Got my joining date around 2 weeks ago to start in November, just wondering how long it usually takes for the AFCO to arrange a PRNC ?

  2. They should have told you that when they gave you your start date?
  3. Got my start date by email and was advised they were in the process of arranging my PRNC and would contact me when it was sorted but has been 2 weeks nearly so wondered if it was normal or not
  4. Ohh well maybe ring your Afco? Because they told me by phone when both my start dayes and Prnc was, also when in November do you start?
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  5. I'll give them a call on Monday seems the best thing to do, my start date is 8th November
  6. Yeah best thing to do and ahh fair im in 21 days after you ahah
  7. I have a start date of December 6th and my PRNC is Monday so I would expect it to be anytime from now!! ....
  8. Anybody got their PRNC 11th Jan?
  9. Test's are normally arranged a while before your actual intake date. It's probably just best focusing on fitness now and forgetting the about getting the date as it'll more than likely be sprung on to you in a few months time. I'm sure Ninja has more sound advice though.
  10. I refer you to here: PRNC Dates
  11. Ahh cheers
  12. Nae problem mate, good luck.
  13. Cheers mate

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