PRNC Video Brief now available; Feedback request


War Hero
Got my PRNC in 3 weeks and the video has vanished....nightmare

To be honest, as long as you read & digest the detailed joining letter and have a scan of the info on the RN website, you shouldn't go wrong: Royal Navy Acquaint Days | Royal Navy

Years ago, before YouTube, VCR or DVD was invented, we managed to scrape by. OK, this site is evidence of how horribly wrong it can go without a video, but don't let that put you off.


Lantern Swinger
For me Ninja I feel the paper based application works fine, so why fix something that isn't broken. . .

Although that said I think the majority would prefer to do it online as most people love computers it seems! I think this new video is fantastic it's nice to be able to see the sort of people you will be at raleigh with and ultimately working with


I had mine in October last year, was just asking because there has been a FB group setup for people joining on the 28th of April and their PRNC is coming up soon. Looking for more people :)


War Hero
For those who haven't noticed, the PRNC video is back up and gives an excellent insight with regards what to expect: Royal Navy Acquaint Days | Royal Navy

Having had a peruse of the video one thing that surprised me was that a fair few individuals chose to wear loose tracksuit bottoms for the 1.5 mile run. Each to their own, but some would say it's easier to run in shorts.