PRNC Train tickets



Wondering if anyone can help me.
Today is Wednesday 16th October.
My PRNC is this Monday 21st October.

I haven't been issued any train tickets yet.
I don't want to bother my AFCO as I know they are busy but it is getting closer and closer.

I received the PRNC standard letter months ago about conduct rules etc.
I have the prnc and my start date on my portal plus final brief day.

Should I just wait or should I ring the AFCO? Or are the AFCO known for leaving it till the Friday?

Many thanks


In an interesting turn of events just had the PRNC people ring me and ask me what time I'm arriving at the train station.

I'm like well I don't know unfortunately as I've not received my train tickets!

Prnc people not happy with my AFCO and I've got to chase up my AFCO not good!

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