About the extra 10% given?

Whatever your required time for your age/gender is you get a 10% allowance but tbh you don’t really want to use it do you ?, especially if you’ve done or came in under it at your PJFT, I downloaded the Nike running app on my phone, you can set the distance to the 2.4km, just do that then find somewhere you can run and keep doing it until your comfortably beating the time, I go to the local sports centre and use the track, it’s 5.5 Laps on the outside lane, I’m beating my time by 30 secs just now and my prnc is in a few weeks


@Dreamz yeah just give it 110% they want to see that you can give it your all try not to use the extra percentage but it's there anyway the parade square is small but it's the pavement around the parade square but it's 3 and 3 waiters of it so not to large


Some say the run at Collingwood is about 3.3quarter laps around d square while another thread says it’s 8.25 laps on a 5 aside football pitch