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Hey guys, I recently attended my PRNC in HMS Collingwood and wanted to give out some details/advice because they added some new parts which were implemented only 2 weeks ago and not relayed to us.
Arrive at train station where you meet all the other candidates and an LH and PO take you all in a mini-van to the base. At the base (HMS Collingwood in my case) you're taken to a classroom and assigned a bed and bedroom. These vary in size, mine had 4 people, a few had 2 people, some had 8 people.

You get an ID card, locker key, name badge, water bottle and clothes. You'll be told to go to your bed and make sure all your clothes fit. TRY THEM ALL ON. Can't stress that point enough. Check everything, even the sheets! I just got changed into the t shirt and trousers and put the boots on. What I didn't check was the following: sheet/duvet/duvet case/pillow/pillow case, 1 jumper, uniform trousers and blue shirt in locker. This all needs to be in good condition i.e. no missing buttons or rips. My blue shirt had 3 buttons missing, trousers missing zip, and almost all bedding had either stains or rips. You are given an opportunity to exchange all the ill-fitting/broken gear the first night, so check everything and change when necessary - I didn't like a mug and only had one t shirt and trousers fit me. The jumper and other t shirt were both too small but had to make do as didn't notice when told the first night. ALWAYS HAVE YOUR WATER BOTTLE (FILLED), SECURITY CARD AND LOCKER KEY ON YOU! If you don't have the water bottle you'll get 10 pressups ("and be expected to thank the Chief for assisting you in your upper arm development"), if you lose your locker key you'll get a bollocking and 10 pressups, if you lose your ID card as a guy on my course did you'll get quite a large bollocking and a few sets of 10 pressups I believe. Not sure why it's always 10 pressups, I think 10 may be the limit they're allowed to give you? You'll also be required to wear your name badge on your t shirt or jumper at all times. Not wearing it and you get pressups :)
You do everything as a class. EVERYTHING. One person wears a jumper, the whole class wears a jumper. One person wears t shirt on jumper, the whole class does. One person rolls up their jumper sleeves, the whole class does it. This is to install the sense of uniformity, and it works. By the end of night one we were all deciding what to wear the following day, for example just t shirt, jumper over t shirt, coats no coats etc.
Day one you're taught how to march, and you march everywhere you go. It's quite fun in my opinion, the first few marches you will look a shambles, but you will get the hang of it. By evening time on day 2 we were almost all instep with each other, it felt good. The majority of day one is spent getting to know yoru class, going over rules of the base, expectations of the RN etc. A lot of power point. The material is obvious and repetitive, but where you've only heard it once or maybe twice, the LH and (C)POs have done this a thousand times, and it bores them as well. So they make it fun and have a laugh with it. You will never be bored. They're all great guys at Collingwood. At night the final point is pairing off in the class and getting to know the other person so you can introduce them to the class in 30 seconds. Just need their; Name, Home Town, Job/Education, Funny fact about them. It's really great fun so don't be put off, some of the shit you hear about people's funny facts is hysterical!
Day two you have some more power points, and some team building exercises in the morning. With the team building exercises an instructer is always watching you as an individual and a group. If you're not participating you will be singled out by the instructor. On one exercise, two lads weren't contributing and when spotted were told to complete the task together with the rest of us watching. Regardless of whether you're nervous or introverted etc, make an effort. Then you have marching drill with CPO. It's great fun, at the end there's a Simon Says where the CPO tries to catch you out. I was among the final 7 or 8 in my class of 40 before the chief got frustrated and called it a day haha. That's all the staff want to see from you, is you making an effort. After this you are briefed on the swim test, then sent to lunch. After lunch is the swim test. The pass/fail element is, Get into the pool, swim 40 meters (two laps of the pool) and get out unaided. The pool has a raised edge of about a foot, so prep your upper body because that starts to drain you after a short time. IF YOU PASS THIS SECTION YOU HAVE PASSED THE SWIM TEST, everything else that follows is just designed to push you/kill you. After the test you are told to put on a boiler suit, climb 3m diving board, step off into the water and go to the side of the pool until your group have all entered, then form a circle and tread water for two minutes, then swim 40M again and get out the pool again. Swimming with a boiler suit isn't a big deal. I am by no means a confident swimmer, but I managed with very little problem to complete this with a boiler suit on. You can't roll up the sleeves, so velcro them shut so less water can bog your suit down.
They implemented this section a few weeks before. It's a swim circuit. After everyone's out the pool and have taken off their boiler suits, you'll be put into pairs and made to walk along the poolside. Number one sprints two widths of the pool while number two does push ups. Number one exits the pool when finished and does push ups while number two sprints widths. This carries on for push ups, sit ups, squats, and planks. Then you're told to sprint swim under water for 3/4 length of pool (width ways remember) twice and exit the pool. Important you at least attempt underwater swimming, if not max effort on sprint swim. From there everyone gets out the pool and is told to get in and out the pool as many times as possible in two minutes. Then you have completed the swim session.
This new circuit is a bitch. No other way to describe it. It will kill your upper body strength, and you will have PTIs screaming at you for being shite - wouldn't have been as much of an arm killer if the pool didn't have a foot of distance between water and topside. Work on your front crawl and fast swimming, and upper body strength. Pull ups will be good practice for this.
After swimming you're sent to form up and taken to weapons drill. This is okay but a bit anti-climactic. 4 sa80 rifles you fire 10 electronic rounds down range at a large pc screen/wall. Fun to hold the weapon, the acog scope (can't remember real name took that sight name from COD) magnifies objects by 4 times. That's all over quite quickly, then back for more power points, food, cleaning and boot polishing.
Even if your kit list doesn't say boot polish, bring it. BRING BLACK BOOT POLISH, COTTON WOOL AND A BOOT BRUSH. You'll be taught that evening how to iron properly, fold away uniforms, and polish boots.
DAY 3 I withdrew with an injury from the swim circuits so I can't go indepth on day 3 or 4. Overview is; Run 10am pass/fail followed immediately by 40 press ups and 60 sit ups all to bleep track not pass/fail. You're weighed prior to run. Then you'd go for branch of preference briefs, go to either submarine museum if you're joining submariner, or a real ship.
I don't know what happened past this point unfortunately guys. If anyone else knows what happens day 3 or 4 leaving an overview would be helpful to new recruits unaware of the new sections.


Day 3 was pretty similar to Day 2 just with a run and ship visit involved. Day started like the others, up about 5:30 to shower, make beds and be ready for breakfast. After breakfast, we had our branch of preference brief e.g. Warfare, engineers, logistics etc. You find out quite a lot and can ask as many questions as you like so it's very informative. We then marched over to the gym to change into phys rig and be ready for the run. Unfortunately the RM band were on the parade ground and we had to use the 5 a side football pitch. Apparently we lose around 20-30 seconds of our time on the pitch as we have to slow down round the corners, that didn't stop the whole course passing it though. We then progressed back to the gym and got into pairs and did the push ups and sit ups. Elbows tucked in to the body when doing press ups. As long as you can do push ups and sit ups regularly at home you'll be fine. We then showered and had lunch and then waited for the coach to take us to our ship visit. Unfortunately no ships were available so we had to go on HMS Bristol but I suppose it's better than nothing! When we got back to the base we had another brief I think and then dinner. After that we were shown how to iron and fold the shirt and trousers to A4 for he next days inspection. We also spent time with phase 2 trainees and asked them questions about training and Raleigh.
Day 4 - Up at 5:30 again and then got everything ready for the inspection. Went to breakfast and then straight to the gym for circuits. Depending on what PTI you have, the circuits can vary. Our circuits consisted of 12 exercises, 20 seconds each at max effort. The exercises were press up variations, ab and leg exercises along with burpees. You will do 2 sets of this and then move onto some sprints. After sprints you'll do a rope climb.
Once all that's completed, you'll march back to the accommodation and have the inspection. After that you'll get packed and ready to go home. You'll have a 1 to 1 talk with a staff member on how you thought the course was and that's all. If I have missed anything then anyone who's done it feel free to add.


Lantern Swinger
Are the press ups and sit ups done to the beep? Not smash them out in a certain time? Where did you do your prnc? Got mine at collingwood in feb


Yeah press ups and sit ups are done done to a bleep, it does not increase. The interval between each bleep was the same right to the end


Lantern Swinger
Has long as you do more then 23 and 49 you are doing good maxing it for PT' B is what you should be doing when the day comes at Raleigh


Lantern Swinger
Good blog, very informative


Thought I'd give a heads up as I had been training for 50M swim and treading water, none of that swim circuit nonsense - which murdered me! Got about 4 injuries from that session as I was ill prepared for that and had to drop out because of it.
Cane the upper body phys and you'll nail it mate!


Im shite at going underwater i have to admit, sounds stupid i expect but do you wear goggles cos im one of those people who cant open eyes under water!
Bit worried about this swimming lark, im not the best swimmer in the world!

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