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Hey guys I'm going to my PRNC October 27, Caledonia,
but im really worried about the run, the swim I can do but I can't say I'm a brilliant runner lol. So I'm wondering if I can get more information about the run from people who have been, like is it a straight run is it flat and iv heard that you get a minute extra but if that minutes used does that count as a fall and will my join date be postponed. As you can tell I'm nervous lol but any information would be really appreciate. Thanks =)
you must have passed your pjft so you can do ittttt. Also have a bit of time before then, get running outside and you will be fine I am sure.
Yeah lol I did pass but I think it just cause I've got the join date and I didn't realize the PRNC was a pass fail thing till a few months ago so I thought my join date was a sure thing and couldn't be taken away lol. I'm going running as often as I can right now.
You can be kicked out of Raleigh as well if your fitness isnt up to it, so worth getting fit anyway. Just do a variety of runs every week- one long one of a few miles at a steady pace, one 2.4km x 2, one sprint session and maybe one hilly run for example. It is surprising how quickly your running will improve, i always thought i wasnt a runner- but then realised it was just as i wasn't pushing myself.
Yeah the run I do know has a big hill at the start and some straights but we're I am it just trying to find good safe places to run. I did an army preparation course at college and at the start my mile and a half was like 19 min but after a bit it of running every day it was a lot better
At the time I did my PRNC I did my best time on the day, so you'll find a bit extra when you need it - just make sure you do runs off the tread mill to get an idea of your pace. Don't get sucked along with those guys who sprint off at the start. Settle into your pace and when the end is in sight give it all you've got. If you're currently running to the 'proper' times, don't worry about the 10/15% extra at the PRNC. If you keep running at least a couple of times a week you can only improve :)


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The PRNC is pass/fail and virtually every week there are people who lose their entry date because they cannot run the 1.5 miles in the time that's they already achieved on the treadmill to pass the PJFT or cannot swim 50 metres. The provisional offer of service letter clearly states that the offer of service is subject to passing the course and final MOD approval.
My experience at Caledonia: It's a 400m gravel running track. 1 long side open to wind. 6 circuits shouting the count out to the PTI. Your given the a small allowance of time over the RNFT. It's done right after a push up and sit up assessment, maximum reps in a minute. You should be able to do it. It's only running, just remember why you are there and run like your being chased. For training I do a 6 sets of 3 minute sprints separated by a minutes rest once a week. A 7mile distance run once a week. One upper and one lower body free weights a week. 1 timed mile and a half best effort. Then 2 rest days. I am 27, 12 stone 4 pounds and did the run on 10:18. Feel free to try the schedule.
Another username, thanks I was wondering what it would be done on, I knew it was a road but wasn't sure if it was flat or what not. Thanks I think I might try your schedule right know iv just been doing a run every night
A good website I found (copied from someone on here) for interval work is It's American but the test is basically the same, and it has a good formula for working out various intervals you could do and at what speed (i.e. choose between half mile sprint, quarter mile walk or quarter mile sprint and 0.13 mile walk). I do a longer (30 minute+) run one day, rest day (with push ups etc.), intervals, rest and so on.
English Fish thank you the website looks good.
I've just started doing the sprinting but I've not been measuring how far just sort of picking a land mark to Sprint to but I'll try the distances . Thank you =)

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