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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by joel666, Apr 23, 2014.

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  1. I already know what alot of you are thinking, repost right. But I've done searches everywhere and can't find answers to the specific questions I have or the threads I am finding are from 2010 etc or are showing as deleted threads. I'm going to ask anyway and brace myself for the hate.
    Basically I've got my prnc in may and the only part that worries me is the run. Now as I should explain I've done a prmc (marines) 4 years ago when I was 17 and the 3 mile run was conducted in a big group at a set pace and if you fall behind they try to push you a bit and then eventually let you jump in the back of a truck if you can't keep up. Now the question I have is at the prnc is it the same sort of run or can you go at your own pace? My quickest 1.5mile so far was only 10:56 but about 3/4 into the run I had to stop for a little 10sec walk... which would obviously put me behind the pack. Anyone who has been to rnac recently id love to hear an exact account of the run. Did you get to see the course before hand, is it totally flat or inclines and downhill parts, go at your own pace? Just to like to set my mind at ease, thanks.
  2. 2.4km as fast as you can. Its going to be flat and around a track. You won't need to see the course before hand - it's just running.

    That should really put an end to this thread before it has begun but i'd be prepared for a certain amount of p*$$ taking to come heading your way...
  3. Aren't you cutting it a bit fine regards fitness?

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  4. Cutting it very fine as regards to fitness yes but I am trying my best, my run times have come down from about 14minutes to where I am now and still improving with every run, I'm expecting alot of abuse actually but that's fine as long as I get answers the trolls can troll :D
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  5. Good luck!
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  6. Hope it went well, Joel.

    For anyone else reading this at a later date, you run several laps round a track at your own pace. If you've got a longer time because of age or gender just be careful getting caught up in the rush at the start, settle into your pace and keep going for the whole time. Even a very slow jog is better than stopping if you need to catch your breath. You will get lots of encouragement from the staff, but if they see you stopping / walking they'll let you know they're not impressed! Practice running outdoors not just on a treadmill so you get an idea of what the correct pace feels like. If you've got a little extra energy towards the end speed up for your final lap and give it your all to get to the finish line. It shouldn't be too hard if you've been working to RN fitness test times as you get 10% extra at PRNC, although having said that 3 out of 21 people failed the week I went, so do take it seriously and practice before you go!
  7. I just got back from PRNC. Its 8.25 laps around the astroturf. Give it 100% do not use the 10% extra time they give you. One guy spewed on the astroturf and another guy stopped for some reason, they were both on the next train home. 3 out of 4 girls failed the run and even the 1 that passed only scraped by with using the extra 10%. The was easy in comparison to thursday mornings circuits! Get fit guys, you're only ****ing your self over.

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