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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ibroxontour, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. I have my PRNC on the 27th of January and have a few questions.

    I have A general layout of what will take place during the four days from the AFCO but it is very brief so I was just wondering does any one know if there is a MEDICAL of some sort? I passed one already during the recruitment process but it was some time ago.
  2. No medical at the PRNC.

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  3. Hi ibrox, I've got mine 27th too. Have you received anything further through the post since your letter asking you to detail you clothing sizes etc?

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  4. Whilst down there you won't do anything medical, it's only physical tests of which I'm sure you know about. You'll be introduced to marching and will probably do some easy drills on the square. The 2.4 km run will either be done around the astro or drill square + the but of grass at the back of it, assuming you are doing it at HMS Collingwood. You'll also visit Pompey dockyard which is a good laugh, there you'll get to talk to serving sailors who'll talk to you more candidly than the course staff. Remember it's a prelude to Raleigh. At the PRNC there is nothing to worry about and personally I had a great time, enjoy it and give it your all

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  5. no I haven't received any further paper work after filing in the form ardo1001 just train tickets. My PRNC is up at MOD Caledonia:p
  6. I'll see you there my man, Caledonia for me. Need some train tickets like. I guess the Afco gets back to work tomorrow

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  7. Also, by any chance do you/anyone know what clothing we'll be wearing? I know it says travel up and back down in smart dress, shirt tie etc and take gym kit trainers shorts swimming etc but my letter also says that's all I'll need to take so wandering what we'll be wearing the rest of the time? E.g. when visiting fas etc

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  8. Take along a PT rig, swimming trunks and wear a suit on the way there for Gods sake! You'll be given the rest of your clothing on arrival, this is trousers, shoes/boots, top, fleece and coat

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  9. Marvellous coronalad thanks for the info

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  10. The PT B is that a pass or fail?
  11. By all acounts if you have been doing some training , can run the required time and swim 50m PRNC is just good fun and not too taxing. So Ive been told anyway. As long as you have been prepareing you'll have nothing to worry about just have fun.

    Then you can start worrying about phase one which seems to be far more intence.
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  12. My PRNC was a great laugh, don't worry about the fitness, anyone looking to join up the Royal Navy should inherently have the fitness needed to do the run. For the swim, you can just float down the pool and pass with minutes to spare!

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  13. I am shocked theres any kind of fitness requirements, i reckon they should do away with them all!
  14. You say that but my daughter did most of her fitness on world of warcraft as I remember before PRNC. Oh the natural fitness of youth how I envy them.

    She did pull the stops out for Raleigh though with a run once a week and siting up in bed every morning ........
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  15. I could only focus on world of warcraft in that!
  16. You have decided to take the plunge then R3 ? Or keeping options open? /potential derail in progress.
  17. Hi im just wondering if any of you know the waiting time between your PJFT to getting your PRNC date?
  18. Its more like the time in relation to your join date for phase one. I think Ninja siad it was about 6 months before your start of training.
  19. You will get your prnc date after you have your join date; and you could get your join date as soon as you have passed everything or might be a while after- afco can advise on waiting times. PRNC is about 12 weeks before basic, they'll let you know the date as soon as they have one for ya.

    DruAde i have pm'd you to avoid derailation :p

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