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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lethal lady, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. I have my prnc next month and although I pretty much know everything just got few little questions?

    What's the best thing to wear down (being a girl)?
    Says to take your own gym clothes and swim suit can these be any colour and branded? Also I have a tattoo does my gym shorts need to cover this?
    Do many people fail?
    What the best thing to say about yourself in the introduction bit?

    Thanks, I'm so nervous haha waited so long for this!
  2. Wear what it says in the joining instructions.
    Swim suit. Any colour or make is acceptable. Tattoo not an issue.
    Yes people do fail.
    The best thing to say about yourself is the best thing about yourself.
  3. Thanks, Do you have any tips or anything I need to make sure I do ect
  4. Can't bring myself to sensibly answer this leave it to the more articulate.
    Best of luck lady
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  5. I have mine in 6 weeks. Starting to get nervous I have been excited then I received my letter and felt petrified haha (excited thought) at first I was thinking all of this but I'm just going to go with a simple bit smart outfit. Everyone is going to be I'm the same position so don't worry and good luck
  6. Just wear anything smart, if it is a skirt though make sure it is at least knee length :)
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  7. My thoughts exactly

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  8. Yeah this is true. I best get shopping I don't own a pair trousers or a blouse haha.. best of luck to you top :)
  9. New look is really good for smart black trousers and blouses, they sell blazers as well for a reasonable price which look really smart :)
  10. Ooh really you think I should get a blazer too? I have a white blazer do you think that be any good? :)
  11. You should post a picture of your tattoo, just so we can judge whether it would be allowed or not.
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  12. I think it does look smart, especially in this weather haha. But you don't need one- a white one would look good with black trousers and a plain shirt though!
  13. I've got Tasmanian Devils on each cheek (spotty) wan't a peak Singers Johnny Ghurka 1986 birthday run
  14. I got a Johnny Gurka tat in Singers on Outback 88! :)
  15. My tattoo is on my thigh haha but takes up the whole top half my leg
  16. Yeah I may have to look round if not ill just get a black jumper to go over my shirt or will that look too casual?
  17. Probably look too casual, but if you look in tesco ( Florence and Fred) they have some very reasonable jackets with matching skirts or trousers. Good luck
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  18. Kindred spirits thencethence
  19. Egh oops spelling worrying about what colour suits my tatstats
  20. Fcuking iPad shit spelling
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