PRNC - My 4 days! Hope this helps.


Phoned my careers office not long ago and they phoned Caledonia who said press ups was max 40 and sit ups max 60 to a beep, also know about the running 2.4KM and swimming 50M was just wondering if there was anything you have to pass while there?


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The course !! just listen as much as you can and do your best! they want to see if you have the right attitude !
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Just another update, I passed my PRNC, got some work to do on my core fitness, but otherwise i'm good to go. Raleigh date given as the end of January of next year so my next questions revolve around what to expect when I go off the Plymouth. Any experience, tips and tricks are most welcome.

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When's your sons prnc? Mines on the 16th of Jan! & yes any stroke is fine, check out the video of prnc on the Navy website, one fella asks the same question and got a reply of any stroke is fine... Plus the video gives us a brief insight in what activities we'all be undertaking while at prnc.