PRNC - My 4 days! Hope this helps.


Hello Shipmates

I have recently completed my PRNC

Please see below my 4 day experience of the course.

*Always speak to your AFCO for official answers to questions. This breakdown is from memory, so there may be bits missing! Sorry for any mistakes in, grammar and spelling.*

Day 1

- Wear trousers, shirt and a tie or whatever the female equivalent is.

You will arrive at Fareham station, where you will probably see people looking as confused as you will be. Just muster outside the station entrance, a minibus will be waiting.

Do not throw away your train tickets as the PRNC staff need to see them before you step on the bus.

You will then have a 10 minute drive to HMS Collingwood, during the drive introduce yourself to people near you!

Once you arrive at Collingwood. You will be given a, Health and Safety brief, your ID card (DO NOT LOSE IT) and your water bottle. (Keep your water bottle topped up and label it)

We were then issued a locker key and sent away to try on our Kit (Your Kit will be ready in a box opposite your bed. The box will contain 2 x T-Shirts 1 x Jumper 1 x Trousers 1 x Boots. Make sure all your kit fits, if it doesn’t fit, get it changed!

Once in kit, we mustered in the classroom, and was given a brief on what was going to happen over the next 4 four days. Listen to the brief and what the instructors have to say. This will include an outline of what they expect from you over the next few days. To cut the brief down into one sentence: Give EVERY task 100%!

Once briefs are complete, we then ran through some BASIC drill, from “Standing at Ease” to “Marching” There will be plenty of you in the group, who will have no experience in doing drill so just enjoy it!

You will then most likely head off for scran (Food). The food is pretty good at Collingwood, you will have plenty to choose from. The Core menu is free, which includes: Soup, piece of bread, Protein as much veg as you like, a dessert 2 drinks either tea and juice or two juices.

Once scran is complete, you may go back to the drill shed and do some more drill or you may head back to the RNAC building where you will spend the evening doing some icebreakers. You will also be shown how to make your beds “properly” (Hospital corners will become your friend) . Once the bed making session is over, Lights Out.

Day 2

I woke up a 05:30, some woke up at 06:00, make your beds, shower and shave!

When congregating down stairs make sure ALL members of the group are wearing the same clothing, and no one is the odd one out. So if one has a jumper on, all wear a jumper etc.

After breakfast, we conducted a series of team activities, all good fun! You may then have a PowerPoint on life in the Royal Navy.

Lunch will soon arrive, and we made sure we had plenty to eat, as the swimming test was soon upon us.

The swimming test.

The swimming session was broken down into four parts.

1. The military swim test (Pass or fail) this consists of you entering the pool, holding on to the edge, pushing off, swim 25m turn around WITHOUT touching the bottom or sides, then reach the end of the pool.

2. The Navy swim test (Not pass or fail – make sure you pass though, especially if your entry date is a few weeks away) You put on a boiler suit, climb the 3m platform and jump off. You will then swim to the side and wait for the other candidates to jump in. Once you are all in you will form some sort of circle and tread water for 2 minutes. As soon as 2 minutes is up, line back up, DON’T touch the sides and swim 50m. Once you have swam 50m get out of the pool unaided.

3. Swimming circuits (Not pass or fail – loads of fun!) You form in pairs. A: will jump in the pool, and swim 2 widths as fast as he/she can. Whilst B: does the requested exercise e.g. push ups. This carries on for 5 minutes or so. Give 100% the OIC will be looking for commitment (Part of C2 Drills)

4. Swimming circuit b (Not pass or fail) You will be asked to jump in the pool and get out constantly until you are told to stop. This will last around 2 minutes.

At the end of this, you can jump off the platform again, loads of fun!

After the swim test, we marched back to the RNAC building, and had a Pay and Promotions brief, really informative so make sure you listen.

Time for scran, make sure you eat loads ready for the RNFT the following day. You may be given the opportunity to pop into the shop to get some nutty!

After scran you will shown how to iron and fold your uniform, remember A4 (you will need to remember this for OIC rounds on Thursday)! You will also be shown how to polish your boots.

The excitement of polishing and ironing will come to an end quicker than you think, lights out again.

Day 3

I woke up at 05:30, again same routine as the day before, just make sure your rooms are tidier and hospital corners are sharper.

Now day 3 was my PRNFT day, most people were nervous, but don’t be. All the team want to see you pass! Have a sensible amount of breakfast. We then spent an hour with the drill instructor, as well as providing top quality ceremonial training, he will tell you the ways of the “real navy”, listen to him, and he even settles a few nerves.

The fitness test was now upon us.

1. You will march to the gym, change into the relevant gear, and muster in the gymnasium. As soon as you’re in the gymnasium make sure you RUN everywhere.

2. You will have a bit of a warm up, and then will jog to the parade square.

3. The run is 3 ¾ around the square and grass area so give it your all!

4. It will be over quickly, you will be asked to jog back down to the gym to do your sit up and push up tests. (This isn’t pass or fail) make sure you achieve a good score though. Maximum 40 push ups 60 sit ups.

After you fitness tests you’ll be given what feels like 45 seconds to shower and change. We were then marched back to the RNAC building. We dropped off our kit and had scran. Next, the Ships Visit. We had a tour around HMS Richmond, a Type 23, currently preparing for deployment. This gives you a good insight on life onboard. Once you finish your Ships visit, you will spend the afternoon, listening to a presentation about the submarine service. I felt this was the most interesting presentation during the week and I’m going in as general service! More life in the RN presentations, and branch presentations. Make sure you ask plenty of questions. The only stupid questions asked during the course are the ones not asked.

Time for more scran!

The evening will consist of preparing your kit for OIC rounds which take place the following morning, make sure you put the effort in! You will also be issued your combat boots, these are to take home.

Day 4

I woke up at 05:30, again same routine as the day before, just make sure your rooms are tidier and hospital corners are sharper.

Straight to breakfast, we didn’t eat loads, as we had circuit training an hour after breakfast.

Back to the RNAC building, get you kit, then march over to the gym.

Our circuit training consisted of 12 stands, 20 seconds a stand, you will be instructed to do something like star jumps, sit ups, push ups, trunk curls etc.

IF the PTI isn’t happy with what he has seen, and he won’t be, you as a group will do it again, and again. Amazing work out, just enjoy it, this is one of your last tasks!

After circuits you’ll do a rope climb, do not worry too much. This is just to give you a taster.

Once complete, you’ll have what seems 30 seconds to get showered and changed. Muster back outside and marchover to the RNAC building. Get ready for OIC rounds, finial check of kit and room. Once you have finished OIC rounds, get changed into your Civvies, down stairs, and wait for your 1 to 1 debrief. Listen to what they say. You’ll then have a class debrief from the OIC and 2OIC. You will be issued bag meals, and a bus will take you back to Fareham Train station.

That is it

Couple points from me.

· Put 100% effort in.

· All tasks you carry out swimming, fitness test, push ups/sit ups etc will all be sent to Raleigh. This will also include you BMI!

· Make loads of friends, you will feel like you have known them longer than 4 days. Some will even go to Raleigh with you.

· Learn your ranks and rates.

· Smile!

· Finally enjoy yourself.

I hope this helps you guys before going.

Remember, speak to your AFCO if you need questions answering!


Lantern Swinger
Good info! Just two questions, on the PJFT run... What is the time in between having breakfast and your run and how much did you eat prior to your 1.5m run? Also did anyone fail their run and if so was that the end for them there?

Much appreciated and I wish you the best of luck with Raleigh.


Good info! Just two questions, on the PJFT run... What is the time in between having breakfast and your run and how much did you eat prior to your 1.5m run? Also did anyone fail their run and if so was that the end for them there?

Much appreciated and I wish you the best of luck with Raleigh.

3 hours, so plenty of time in between.
1 person pulled up due to injury, they did not declare this before, so their own fault really.

Thank you and good luck at PRNC.


Good post. Not sure who you are, but you were on my course as I went to Richmond too on Thursday. If I gave a clue, that, I'm the lad who sang all the time, that might give a clue haha.


Thank you, This is the best write up of the PRNC so far. It's definitely put my mind at rest a little. Apart from the guy who was injured did everyone pass the PRNFT?? Is it true you get 10% more time than you do at Raleigh?

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