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hi all, I'm just wondering if it's possible to fail the PRNC medical on something you passed at the doctors medical even if it hasn't changed and I heard a story of a mate who passed his army selection last week that people were getting kicked out for having scars or healed cuts on their legs? Is this the same in the RN? Thanks
I was on one around 2 weeks ago. The medical involved everyone being weighed and everyone's height being taken for their BMI, nothing else was involved.

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If there are visible scars apparent that weren't spotted or declared/explained previously it can be an issue on PRNC or indeed if they or the reason subsequently come to light during Initial Naval Training, during the first 56 days.

Self harm, for example or sugical scars are likely to be significant issue unless already checked OK.
Most people have scars mate. As long as there isn't a story you're trying to conceal (self harm, operations etc...) You'll be absolutely fine.

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Hello - I'm off for my Recruitment Medical this Thursday, and wondered if anyone knows whether weight and height (i.e. BMI) are reviewed within the session, as the preparatory email for the medical only mentions the following (for reference listed below), focuses, but there is no 'obvious' or explicit reference to weight / BMI.

  • Urine Test
  • Hearing
  • Eyesight
  • Dynamic Functional Assessment
  • Dental Check

Perhaps this is due to the fact that BMI is of course alluded to within the 'JSP 950 Medical Policy' - or have I simply missed something? My concern is that I am currently eleven kilos 'overwieght'. Of course I am training and eating right, so I am confident that this adverse factor will decrease in it's relevance very soon, as I work hard to loose the flab, I have just been caught off guard because the Recruitment Medical has been booked relatively quickly within an otherwise - up until now - painfully slow application process.

Any thoughts? ... Should I cancel and rearrange my session.

Thanks for your help!
At present I am 110kg (being 6ft5") meaning my BMI - using the NHS Calculator - is "28.7 / 29" - putting me firmly in the 'overweight' category. Fundamentally I really do not want to waste mine or the Service's time, and I've been rathe ill this past week with a cough, sore throat (i.e. spot of the mild 'man flu') etc, so my question is should I still go, or contact the AFCO to re-arrange?

Thanks for your guidance and opinion(s).


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If you have any worries, I would always contact the AFCO, the chaps down there are understanding enough and have yours and their best interests in mind, if your not going to pass something for whatever reason they will work with you to a certain extent to get you through (so as to not waste time).

For example:
I had a tattoo above the collar line, my recruiter and his senior staff was OK to wait 5 months while I got rid of it and recovered fully.
When I had my Psychometric test I had a family issue and needed to rearrange for the next month (they understood and rearranged).
With my telephone medical interview I had to rearrange (as much of a ballache as that may have been for them) they were OK to rearrange for their earliest possible time and got that out of the way - point is, they're understanding and they want to fill spaces as much as you do - call the AFCO and dont worry!
Thank you for your advice Genghis!

I have now spoken to my AFCO (who didn't offer any advice) as they quickly stated "sorry - we don't get involved in medicals" - however I have now contacted "Recruitment Medicals" directly and pushed my appointment back six weeks to mid-October.

My AFCO aren't the cuddly fluffy "see you through tough times" type, or maybe they just don't like my face - ha - but I appreciate their limitations, insofar as they do not wish to get involved in the mess of medicals!

Either way that's why I am very grateful for the ADHOC 'been there, done that' advice that can be obtained on this site!

Thanks again.


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Glad you got somewhere in the end!
If you manage to get through everything, do you reckon you'll be going to Raleigh or somewhere else?
maybe we could be on the same selection or training dates etc.

I got an email back today saying that my telephone medical was successful and they've received my GP history, so all I need to do now is give them my phys diary and they'll book me on the face to face medical - i'll keep my dates ...updated... on here and we can compare notes.
All things being equal I'll be off to Raleigh (I think / hope) therefore with my Medical scheduled to be taking place on the 19th October, I imagine your guess is as good as mine as to when and what dates will occur thereafter in terms of progressing my application and consequent entry to the Service.

Good luck with your medical, and well done for getting this far - by all means keep me or the forum updated on your dates, it'd be nice to know someone and track progress our comparative progress etc!

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