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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by HLxo, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. Anyone have their PRNC in Caledonia on Monday or is anyone joining up at Raleigh in February?
  2. Hi I have my prnc tomorrow in Caledonia, joining Raleigh late march

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  3. See you there then! are you nervous?
  4. Erm massively nervous at present, probably will be when I get there but that's just me. Just caught the weather forecast for the week too haha. Rain......

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  5. So am I, I'm more nervous about the actual journey up there and meeting new people and not make myself look stupid than anything else! Yeah weather doesn't sound too great. I've heard that if the weather is too bad to run outside, instead of doing the 2.4km run, we do a bleep test inside instead?
  6. How far is it for you? Ah really? I thought it was on a treadmill. Just done a bleep test last week funny enough, be interesting What level is regarded as a pass for the bleep test

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  7. I'm from Blackpool so it's about a 2-3 hour train journey, got 3 changes I think! I'm a worrier though so I worry about silly things such as getting lost etc. Nope it's outside on gravel track from what I've heard. I've not practiced doing a bleep test as of yet, eek!
  8. If I remember correctly level 9 is a pass for the bleep test for males aged 15-24.
  9. 2 hours for me. Aye I know what you mean I do worry about daft shit too but I've followed the letters, packed the kit list and asked mt AFCO all the questions I can think of no matter how daft

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  10. Thats not too bad, do you happen to know what it is for females aged 15-24?
  11. Thanks ash, I'm over 25 and managed level 12.4 a week ago.was nearly sick ha

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  12. So have I adro, hopefully all will run smoothly!
  13. This was posted a few years ago in regards to the Admiral Interview Board bleep test, I can't imagine the fitness requirements differing much (if at all) from the PRNC test.
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  14. Thankyou! Should be easily done

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