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I’ve got three tips for you!
No1, try your best.
No2,take a chill pill it’s honestly a good laugh
No3, get to know your squadron as soon as you arrive, they will be your motivation and you will be theirs.

All in all, just give it your best. You’ll smash it,

Ps, don’t worry about anyone else’s Level if fitness you’re playing your own game
Honestly you’ll be fine! There were guys of all levels of fitness the main thing we all had in common was giving 100% that’s all you can do
Ahh right! Even better for you then as you have separate sleeping quarters and you don’t have to share with 15 blokes . Yeah there was around 5 girls when I done mine and we all got on really well. Just be yourself and put yourself out there and you’ll have a blast
Hey hammer, thanks for that tip! I do have a question for you, on my kit list it says a sports watch but not a smart one. So would a Casio be suitable? Thanks
The first 4 weeks are going to be the toughest on you mentally but after that it honestly gets easier but make sure you train on burpees and pushups as youll be doing lots of them in phys sessions
Use most if not all of your spare time keeping on top of your ironing and washing too but dont forget to call home when you can as its hard on familys
I’m all good for now thanks, however I’m sure I will think of something, so if it’s okay I’ll just pop a message on here when I have a question?
Not really needed until you get out into the fleet, once you finish raleigh and go to phase 2 theyll come see you anyway and give you a free year.

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