PRNC in 10 days (19th)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by AyeCaptain, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Hey everyone

    I know there's like a million posts on this, but my PRNC is Jan 19th at Collingwood.

    I'm worried. I can smash the swim test easily, but the run.. I managed the distance in under the required time the other day, but for the last 3 days I'm seriously struggling. It's like someone has stuck cheap Aldi batteries in me which last a quarter of the time.

    All I want to know, is do you think it is easier running in a group of people? I always practice my running on a track and it's 6 laps that equals the 2.4km. I have always been active, I did a lot of mountain biking but recently I'm struggling.

    I know this bit is gonna sound odd, with reference to food, on the morning of the run, what do you eat? Protein based foods? High releasing energy that's slow like oats? Just want to know whether it's worth taking some of those glucose shots to boost my energy on the day.

    Thanks for reading, please don't slam me as it's a similar topic, I am a newbie but I am to be a Golly in the RN.

    happy new year by the way, take care

  2. cal

    cal Midshipman

    Yeah running in a group is easier, since if you're struggling you can just focus on someone else,and concentrate on trying to keep up with them. Personally I wouldn't eat much for breakfast, as I don't think theres much time between it and the run.
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  3. With regards to the run, the PRNC staff will brief everyone quite thoroughly. You need to remember that you are running for yourself and that not everyone has the same time limits, so you could end up taking too long and failing the run if you try to keep up with someone that may have more time than you. You do start off running in a group as you all start from the same place, but you'll find everyone soon spreads out which is good, so you don't end up tripping each other up etc.

    Don't eat too heavily and don't eat too little on the morning of your run. You know your body and what food you need in it to fuel you for the run.
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  4. If you can do it on the track you'll be alright. Don't over think it, its your career you are running for at the end of the day.
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  5. Thank you, all. Bit of determination and adrenaline on the day will help. Thanks again.
  6. You'll be fine if you can already do it, being nervous is normal. If you have any competitiveness in you then running in a group will definitely help you perform better.

    As to the breakfast thing, that's individual. I only ever had cereal or beans and toast before hand for fear of needing a shit/spewing it up.

    Edit: Happy new year to you too, and best of luck. You'll be fine.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2015
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  7. Thank you Civvy. I'll stick to the light stuff, you made me laugh with the fear of needing a dump hahaha, I know the feeling haha.

    Thank you for all the replies by the way everyone.

    On a side note, any idea how to change my date of birth on here? For some reason it thinks I'm 45, and I'm 19 haha
  8. Just stick with the 45 and claim to be an old n bold un.

    I'm not the first person to admit to needing a nervous poo so I reckon it's a pre RNFT ritual, I reckon it's a survival trait.

    Safeguard mode: As long as you haven't been starving yourself, or pissing up before the day of your run then you should be able to match any previous run.

    My method was start running, pick the guy in front of you and try to beat him. If you beat him and can keep going, then pick the next guy and repeat. If you can't beat that guy, make sure no one else over takes you.

    It's mostly mental. I believe in you :)
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  9. DTM

    DTM Midshipman

    Find out on google what speed you have to run on a treadmill to beat the time, the minimum, perfect that and the more you do it the easier it will be, then take to the road.. If your burning out in the last quarter sounds like your not pacing your self, which is fine if your fit as a fiddle but if your not you need to build up to it.

    Good luck :)
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  10. Can you join up as an EW again now then? I thought gollies had been subsumed by the borg (Warfare Specialist) at AB level?
  11. Thank you ever so much for your replies. Civvy, the nervous poo had me in bloody stitches hahaha, survival technique? Hahaha. I never starve myself fortunately, have a balanced diet, roast dinner, protein, pasta etc. And the last time I had a drinking session was on my 18th birthday, and I just turned 19! I know on the day I'll probably perform better than I ever have before, mainly because failure really isn't an option considering ever since I told my current boss that I'm joining the Navy, he's doing practically everything to get me kicked out as even went as far as saying "I suggest you make a decision now before someone makes it for you", ie, get out! and we're talking a bank here, not some small shop.

    Ill aim to take over as many as I can. I am by no means unfit, press ups I am more concerned about but I know that they're not pass or fail (correct me if I'm wrong).

    DTM: thanks to you also man. Thanks for the good luck wish! I'll let you all know on this thread how I have done. Hopefully it'll be a pass! God, makes me nervous thinking about it!

    ElQueso, you can't join directly as EW. You join as a standard ws, but dependent on your exam results for your branch at phase 1, you get given the choice.

    Thanks again everyone. Have a good week
  12. DTM

    DTM Midshipman

    Please do! You are further in the process than I am, so keep me posted on anything you feel I would benefit from, every stage has it's own set of challenges and although very excited is nerve racking ay it!
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  13. The press ups and sit ups are pass / fail at Raleigh but not PRNC - although you'll do some press ups and sit ups at PRNC but it's more a taster of what to expect at Raleigh so just give a best effort
  14. DTM

    DTM Midshipman

    How many are u expected to do, in what time.ive read one thing and been told another,

    Sorry to gatecrash the convo !!
  15. DTM

    DTM Midshipman

    It did work and thank you..
  16. Make sure you're subscribed and i'll let you know. If you have any questions about anything else then let me know mate
  17. DTM

    DTM Midshipman

    Cheers pal I will be in touch to get the low down then ;)
  18. I've been mate. Take a look on my posted threads, I made a whole thread! :D

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