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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Lewis101, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. hi I'm due to take part in my prnc on the 10th of November, I'm really looking forward to it but i keep getting so stressed about the timed run I'm running the 1.5 miles at about 11 minutes or slightly over I just can't seem to improve my time, I know I get the 10% extra time but I really don't wanna be using it at all any tips and advice on how to improve my running slightly in the next 7weeks would be greatly appreciated and any advice on the actual run at the prnc would be good thanks guys
  2. You must have passed a pjft so you can do it- run outside, run run runnnn (and try and avoid injuring yourself) and im sure you'll be fine.
  3. I'm running 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I try and include a 3-4 mile run at least once a week just doesn't feel like I'm improving lol sounds silly really
  4. Maybe you're going through the motions but not pushing as much as you could- are you coming back from the run and feeling alright or are you coming back and happy your survived? Try fartlek and maybe something like spinning- i found that helped a lot in making my legs much more apt at coping with being pushed.
  5. Most the time I come back absolutely shattered I think I'm gunna try and incorporate speed work into one of my runs once a week to help improve stamina and overall cardio, I don't normally suffer with my legs feeling tired, would you say 7 weeks is more than enough time to improve??
  6. Yeah, when i had my first fitness test i went from 19 minutes to 12.30 in just over a month haha. I think though the huge improvement was just because my first time was absolutely shaming. Be careful not to injure or over train though, are you confident in swimming?
  7. Haha I've definitely improve from my first attempted run just this last little bit I'm trying to shave off lol I feel 3 runs a week is perfect for me I used to run 4-5 times a week but it did my ankle in 2months ago, I would say I'm a fairly strong/confident swimmer I did a lot of lessons growing up and regularly do lane swimming just as a sort of recovery from running
  8. push yourself, you should be vomiting after every run...twice.
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  9. Don't worry to much , the last lap people will cheer you on for a sprint finish, that shaves loads off your usual training times, concerning the swimming , try and get in the pool in clothes cos you will be doing treading water and two lengths in overalls, most pools will let you do it if you explain that your joining the rn, best of luck
  10. I found that sprinting for 30seconds then jogging for a minute helped me massively. Burn your lungs out, ruin your legs, push yourself out of your comfort zone. Then when you come to your prnc just f*cking go for it!
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  11. That's exactly what I plan to do in sure the pt's are gunna have a good vocal input lol
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  12. Don't worry Lewis, you will be fine. See you there :)
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  13. You'll be fine :) Just do normal runs and incorporate sprints in to it. I run three times a week and always sprint toward the end as I get close to my house.
  14. Thanks I passed it last week was a good fun few days really enjoyed it
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  15. Congrats Lewis :)

    How did you find the swim test??
  16. Cheers,

    Honestly loved it I grew up doing swimming from an early age so for me it was really fun especially jumping in overalls was really fun
  17. Good, glad you enjoyed it mate :) I'm still practising! 9 weeks ago I was a very weak swimmer but now I'm near an average swimmer but to be honest, I'm very nervous about the swim test! I'll keep practising though.

    I have to get through my medical on Tuesday first though, the PJFT, the SC and then I'll be there :)
  18. You'll be fine it's a very basic swim test it's just to make sure you can swim you have 4 minutes to do 50m the average time for my group was 1minute 30seconds you'll be less nervous when there just remember to enjoy it yes it's a test but your there to get a taster of RN life, make sure your running and overall fitness it up to standard as well coz you don't wanna just be scraping through the run times
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  19. Thanks Lewis :) I'm working on running now and the swimming. I timed a length in the pool last week at under 2 minutes so I'll keep that up. As soon as I get past the medical (hopefully) then I'll work on timed runs and overall swimming. My BMI is only .2 of an index over 25 and my waist is under 94cm so I'm preying that everything will go smoothly in the medical exam :)

    You should have your date for Raleigh soon...
  20. That's okay if there's anything else you're not sure on just ask just keep your fitness up and you'll be fine just remember failing to prepare is preparing to fail,
    I got my date for the 18th of January so 9weeks today! Lol

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