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I'm an ex Naval Nurse...surving back in the 1980's , my son is now joining the RN and needs to know the kit list for his PRNC, can anyone help as he's off on Monday and I need to kone what to pack. Cheers xx


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Use the search function and try RNAC kit list and there are a few posts that have some answers.

His AFCO would have sent a list.

Oh and manners cost nothing.

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren


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If he's joining up then packing his own kit would be a good starting point.

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
2 Bath Towels

Toiletries including shaving gear, toothbrush and paste, hairbrush, soap/shower gel

Suitable pair of trainers to run in

Sports kit including 2 t-shirts, sports shorts, 2 pairs of sports socks, swimming trunks or shorts (with liner)

Black shoe polish and brushes

Sufficient underwear to last for 4 days

2 pairs of thick socks

Civilian clothing for travelling to and from RNAC

Cash for sundries - £25 should suffice (some small change for use in vending machines)

Cigarettes if you smoke (very little chance for buying them) - although you may get a chance to visit the shop

all you had to do was say please or use your brain and then use the search option. Maybe you're the one with your head firmly lodged up your ass. A thank you wouldn't cost a penny either.

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