PRNC for potential MC Diver

Hello all,

I finally had and past my dive medical on friday. I am told the next step is PRNC, I was told that I'm gonna be really put out of my comfort zone (not that I mind that!). I am basically asking what does the PRNC entail for potential MCD's? Obviously the runs will have to be quicker... but swimming, push ups, sit ups etc? Just want to know what I'm in for so I can train accordingly. Recovering from a small case of runners knee from an ill profiled pair of running shoes!

Many thanks!
Hello Kenzo, thanks for the reply, I am already aware of the requirements for DPFT and PDA. I am asking what requirements are there for potential divers in the PRNC... Unless it is the same for everyone?
PRNC requirement is the same for all branches, only difference is you have to pass the run in the 10.30 minutes. This was the only difference on my PRNC although in the fitness side of things they do expect divers to be fitter when doing the circuits and things like that.
A few guys I know also said they had to do their pull ups and dips on their PRNC, don't think this was assessed but I never had to do any of that.

Generally the PRNC is easy a lot of marching and kit prep, not a lot of Phys. It's a good experience. The PDA will definetley put you out your comfort zone though