PRNC Drug Test?

Off to Collingwood soon for the PRNC and was wondering if they perform a drug test there? Don't worry i'm not into the junkie lifestyle but i'm going to a music festival soon and my pals are inevitably going to be smoking cannabis, as well as the whole place stinking of it :/ Will second hand smoke affect my results?
Thank you
I went a PRNC a few months ago and there was no drugs test I assume that would still be the case.
If you are serious about a career in the Navy I would definitely recommend a zero intake of drugs! I think to test positive from second hand cannabis smoking you would have to be around it constantly for a prolonged amount of time. But still, stay away from it and avoid temptation to smoke it!


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If you are in close enough proximity to recreational drug users that you fear it could wreck your future career then the solution is blindingly obvious.

There is no CDT scheduled on PRNC but at the same time there is when you commence Initial Naval Training and we've truly heard it all before with regard passive ingestion, spiked drinks, etc.

Enjoy the festival - stick to alcohol, instead if you value your job.


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I don't know enough about drugs test to know if you can test positive just from passive smoking but I wouldn't take any chances. A few weeks before my medical I was invited to a student party where I knew people would be smoking stuff, so I just didn't go.
You would need to passively inhale a large (and I mean, feckin' large) amount of cannabis smoke to fail a CDT. This question was asked of the WO1(MA) who was at my last CDT, his answer was to not be in that situation in the first place but if you are and are concerned report it via the usual channels on your return to work. As you would if you you thought your drink had been spiked for example.

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